10 Best Home Design Hacks

We can all use a few helpful tips and tricks when it comes to decorating and organizing our homes. We’ve listed ten of our favorite home design hacks that can help make life a little easier along the way…

1. Entryway Key Cabinet

Everyone needs an easy place to store their keys (and wallets, and purses, and various daily pocket items), but hanging key racks can be unsightly and disrupt the flow of the room, and “catch-all” bowls promote clutter and require a table, which can make your entryway feel small. Instead, install a low-profile cabinet with interior hooks for hanging keys and shelves for other necessities like umbrellas and wallets.

2. White (With a Hint of Pink)

White painted surfaces give a bright, modern appearance, but a true white can make a space appear cold and uninviting. Warm it up a little with just the slightest hint of pink in the paint mix; unless it’s next to stark white, no one will be able to tell, and it will make the room feel warmer and more welcoming.

3. Contrasting Window Frames

Window frames are an often forgotten part of a room, but painting them a contrasting color is a great way to bring a pop of color to the room while making use of a feature that’s often looked over.

4. Painting Bookshelves and Alcove Backs

Another place that’s great to work in a bright or contrasting color is the back interiors of bookshelves and alcoves. This can also serve to make the items stored on the shelves stand out more. This can be accomplished with paint, or with a patterned wallpaper or fabric that complements the room.

5. Mix and Match

Long gone are the days of carefully buying perfectly matching sets of furniture and accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix and match everything from throw pillows to picture frames; contrasting colors and textures are a great way to create a statement.

6. Partial wall paint

Painting a wall two different colors allows you to work more of a color scheme into a room, and if done well can look very chic. Keep the darker color on the bottom, as the lighter top half will help the room appear more airy and open.

7. Stairs as Drawers

Need more storage? Consider having drawers built into your staircase! This will only work with some stair designs, but it’s a great way to build extra space into a feature you already have in your home. Some stairs can even accommodate “invisible” drawers that are virtually undetectable by anyone who doesn’t know they’re there.

8. Hiding Hacks

Use an unused drawer or an unobtrusive box to route cords and chargers through, getting rid of the unsightly mess they cause. Another great way to hide necessary electronics is by placing a book cover over your router — no more black box with annoying blinking lights!

9. Pet Products

Speaking of hiding things, how about those pet products? Convert a lower drawer with a board with bowl cutouts as an easy way to store dog or cat food and water bowls, then easily push the drawer in when you have company over and need that extra floor space. Similarly, a closed end table with a hidden entrance is a great place to hide away your cat’s litter box.

10. Hanging Jewelry Box w/ Painting

Hanging jewelry boxes have become incredibly popular, and with good reason — they provide easy access to your most commonly used jewelry and don’t take up any floor space. But who needs another cabinet front? Get rid of the cabinet door and use a painting instead; functional decor is always in style.


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