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7 Bathroom Luxury Items that will Bring Your Design to the Next Level

When you’re designing a bathroom, luxury items are usually the key elements in determining the style, mood, and look of the space. We all know a bathroom is a place where we spend time every day, and it’s normal that people usually consider it as their little piece of paradise. By selecting the right items, you can make your bathroom more inviting, chic, luxurious, and cozy. If you’re thinking about remodeling, here are some luxury items that will bring your bathroom design to the next level. Continue reading

Kitchen Theme Ideas: Fun & Family-Friendly

Setting up a space that can handle everything from homework to a family dinner requires a little planning. You probably want to make sure that your kitchen is family-friendly as well as fashion-forward. Designing a family-friendly and fun kitchen will inspire your kids to fix their own snacks or help out with meal prep and cleaning. So, it’s in your interest to create a kitchen that can accommodate all your family activities.
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Kitchen Theme Ideas: Nostalgic & Retro

Retro means an outdated or aged style from the overall post-modern past. But retro design doesn’t mean you need to fill your kitchen with a bunch of old things. The main characteristic of this style is combining retro elements with modern features. You can choose to incorporate vintage furniture into your kitchen design or you can add to your current kitchen design small touches of retro style. Nostalgic styles look so inviting and warm and that’s what makes this vintage and retro theme so popular.
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Kitchen Theme Ideas: Modern & Sleek

The modern and sleek theme was meant to be the antithesis of previous styles, which included heavy textures, wood tones, and ornate flourishes. Therefore, components of modern design include clean lines with little to no additional detail and the natural beauty of the materials shining through. Contemporary modern design themes are all about minimalism since the approach is “less is more.” Continue reading