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Professional Kitchen Design & Remodeling – Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

There are plenty of Pinterest boards and interior design blogs that make it seem like anyone can start and finish a kitchen remodeling project. These websites are full of useful information and are great to find inspiration for your project, but the reality is that you’re going to need a professional help. A kitchen remodeling project is dusty, messy, and sometimes even stressful. Kitchen designers are educated about how to make the most of the space and about what’s safe, so you might want to consider reviewing some professional resources.  Continue reading

Countertop Storage Ideas

Keeping kitchen countertops neat and organized is a real challenge because it can become a catch-all for family items to rest. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small, keeping your countertops organized can be a real challenge. The less clutter the more clean a room can feel, but what is the best formula to accomplish that in the kitchen? We’ve prepared some ideas on how to organize your kitchen countertops.

1. Hang cooking utensils right where you need them.

Placing your spatulas and spoons in a jar is a stylish solution, but it’s not the most practical one. Clean your kitchen countertops and hang items you use on a daily basis with hooks on a rod.

2. Pick items that are worth a spot on your kitchen counter.

 There are some handy kitchen tools you may want to leave out on your countertops. Priority items that get used regularly, you might consider leaving out. Perhaps the best solution is to create a special section for the appliances you use on a daily basis.

3. Remove the unnecessary.

If keeping your kitchen counters uncluttered is a problem, remove items you no longer use. Typically, the kitchen is full of clutter because it’s convenient to leave things on the counter, in the drawers, and on the shelves. Store unnecessary items elsewhere and organize the items you actually use.

4. Give every item a proper home.

One essential step in organizing your kitchen is to find a proper place for every item. Maybe you tend to keep things in plain sight because you think it makes your kitchen more convenient. As a result, kitchen counters fill up with coffee mugs, cutting boards, and small appliances. By storing these items on countertops you sacrifice precious prep space when you cook and you move them every time when you clean the counters, so this isn’t exactly a convenient solution.

5. Choose an island with open storage.

Open shelves under the island provide storage space for kitchen accessories. The shelves are an excellent spot to stash cookbooks and extra tools. With this solution, you will get more storage space and your items will be out of the sight.

6. Have morning and evening kitchen rituals.

Your kitchen gets used every day. If you want to keep everything organized, you should clean your countertops on a regular basis. Make sure your priority items are in their rightful places daily.

Go Green: Energy Saving Options for Your Bathroom Redesign

A bathroom redesign project can be a fun and exciting challenge. Among all the things to consider, something like energy efficiency can easily fall by the wayside as finishes and designs take center stage.  Bathrooms are a great place to get the most economy by designing with elements that are high-efficiency.  A green bathroom also brings many benefits like lower heating and lighting bills. The following features are the most energy-saving options you could consider including in your bathroom design.

Continue reading

Kitchen Design Disasters to Avoid

A lot of life happens in the kitchen both cooking and socializing, so it is important to maximize the space to its potential.  It can be a challenge to create a space that is both functional and elegant because the design should incorporate the many ways that it is utilized. Remodeling your kitchen is not a small undertaking. By learning  what mistakes are most commonly made you can avoid some of the biggest kitchen design disasters with your experience.   Continue reading