4 Unique Sink and Faucet Combos for Your Bathroom

Choosing a perfect sink and faucet combo doesn’t have to be difficult, however there may be an overwhelming amount of choices to consider. You’ll definitely want a style that suits your current home decor, but there’s also the configuration, the materials, and of course the benefits of each type. It helps to know what kind of features and options are available so that you can narrow your scope of options to your particular tastes.

1. Glass sink with a waterfall faucet.

The vessel sink is a bowl-shaped sink that sits on top of the vanity. Glass is one of the materials primary used for vessel sinks. It can be colored and designed for an endless number of style possibilities. Tempered glass is more resistant to cracking or shattering, so it’s a good option. If you want to add some luxury to your bathroom design, combine a waterfall faucet with a glass sink. Many people find that waterfall faucets help create a calm and relaxed mood.

2. Wood/Bamboo sink and a centerset faucet.

Wood sinks are more exotic types of bathroom sinks. They’re usually treated with some form of sealer. This material requires a little bit more care, but when you combine a pedestal wooden sink and a centerset faucet, it is a very unique home finish.  This will generally look best with more modern and  minimalistic design.

3. Rectangle sink and a single hole faucet.

If you want to maintain that sharp design and clear finished in your bathroom, a square or rectangle sink is a great solution. What the sink is made out of is important. Porcelain and ceramic materials make durable sinks with easily cleaned surfaces, so they’re the best options for rectangle sink.

4. Pedestal sink and widespread faucet.

A pedestal sink is a great choice for smaller bathrooms. You can make it more interesting if you combine it with a widespread faucet. Widespread faucets also work well for vessel sinks that sit on the top of the vanity surface. Nowadays, a pedestal sink is definitely an option since there are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is rustic, traditional, or modern because manufacturers offer products in all of these styles. Before you choose a perfect sink and faucet combo for your bathroom, think about materials, finishes, and functionality.

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