5 Bathroom Color Palettes You’ll Love

small bathroom design ideasThere seem to be an endless stream of colors available, leading to a never-ending array of color palette options for bathrooms. When you’re looking for the perfect fit for your bathrooms, the sheer amount of colors can be overwhelming. To help with that, we’ve put together some of the most gorgeous color palettes below.

Gray/Khaki/Canary Yellow

These shades of tan and gray in varying neutral shades make the bright, cheery canary yellow accent pop. The monochromatic shades of gray and khaki work well when alternating in matte and shiny surfaces. If you stick to the neutral shades on the more ‘permanent’ surfaces like walls, floors, and shelving, and make the yellow accent more easily changeable items like towels, candles, and wall decor, you may find changing the accent color simple in the future if you decide the room needs a refresh.


The natural, earthy tones of sage goes beautifully with the clean, elegant feel imbued by white to create a calming oasis in a restroom decorated with these colors. Due to the outdoorsy sage color, decorating a bathroom in these colors works well when the floor you’re working with is a wood floor with a natural finish.


This unexpected combination of colors brings a sense of elegance to the bathroom. With a main color of rich, regal purple, a deep brown accent gives the room a luxurious feel. Bringing in the white helps keep the room from feeling too small and heavy, and helps bring the purple and the dark but neutral brown together.


This color scheme must be handled carefully, lest it come across as bold Americana instead of fun maritime colors. Focus mostly on the navy and white, with accents like boats, anchors, and possibly seashells to bring the sea-faring theme together, then add tiny accents of red around the room for a pop of bright color that will easily draw the eye.


In a time where everyone seems to focus on accent colors, it may seem odd to instead use two neutrals, but in this case it works beautifully to create a soothing, sumptuous space. A soft heather gray creates a warm, inviting room, while gold accents and fixtures adds a sense of luxury. In the past 20 years or so, most fixtures were silver with the occasional brass, making the gold fixtures used with this color scheme novel and unique.


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