5 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Revamping bathroom space is one of the most important home remodels you can do. It can increase functionality, make the space more comfortable, and of course, be pretty to look at. Whether big or small, bathroom designs should always be well thought out and should function with multiple users in mind. Avoiding these common design blunders will help you be happier with your bathroom for the long haul.

Lack of Privacy

Peek-a-boo! The last thing you want is guests or family members having a clear view of a private space. For example, adding a bathroom that’s directly across from the dining room might not be the best idea ever. When designing a new bathroom, try to keep it away from high traffic areas of the house.

Nonexistent View

No one likes a dark space, even in a bathroom. Make sure your new bathroom is strategically placed to let in some light. We suggest utilizing an outer wall with windows. If windows aren’t an option, consider adding an operable skylight. This will allow the fresh air and natural light needed to make the space feel comfortable.

Curbed Shower

Typically a shower will have a curbed foundation. This concept is no more! We suggest a curbless shower to make the bathroom look bigger and appear cleaner.

Bigger is(n’t) Better

That’s right! Bigger isn’t always better. Better is better. When redesigning a bathroom, think beyond bigger. Whether you’re designing a large master bathroom or refiguring a tiny guest bathroom, the most important aspect of a new bathroom is that it has a great design that functions efficiently for your unique lifestyle.

Focusing on the Toilet

Avoid making the toilet the first thing you see in the bathroom. Secondly, avoid any sight lines to it from adjacent rooms. Placing the toilet and shower in their own room allows one person to be in the shower while another is getting ready at the sink. This type of bathroom layout doubles the room’s functionality.

If you’re ready to design a new bathroom or remodel an existing one, give us a call! We look forward to seeing your vision and making your dream bathroom a reality.

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