5 Best Kitchen Window Treatments

Window treatments are always fun to plan out, but in the kitchen there are a few added layers of difficulty. For instance, kitchen windows are often smaller than the windows in the rest of the home. The window treatment needs to be able to allow plenty of light in, as no one wants to cook in a dark kitchen, but you may want some coverage as well if the window faces out to a public area. Perhaps most importantly, it needs to be easy to clean, as the grease and fumes that result from cooking will inevitably need to be washed off. Below are 5 of the most popular options for kitchen window treatments.

Patterned Valance

Possibly the most popular kitchen window treatment is a patterned valance. This fabric can be made to hang in a casual swoop, graceful loops, or clean lines depending on your decor. The biggest appeal of this window treatment is its flexibility; it allows you to add a splash of color and motion to the room. Additionally, because it is merely fabric on a curtain rod, these are often easy to change out. Some homeowners change colors as the mood strikes, while others like to put up seasonal or holiday-themed window treatments to always keep the room looking fresh.

Loose fabric to allow light to filter through

Another popular window treatment option for kitchens is that of semi-transparent fabrics. These light, loosely-woven fabrics can be mounted taut or left to hang loose, but either way they let light in while also allowing the homeowners some privacy. These are a great solution for when the windows are placed facing out to a public area but you still want to maximize the natural light in the kitchen area.


Interior shutters are a great option to consider as a kitchen window treatment. They swing open and closed for privacy, usually have slats that can angle up and down to allow different amounts of light in, and can easily be wiped clean of any dust or grease buildup. White shutters are the most common option, but they are available in a variety of different colors.

Pot and Pan Rack

One interesting window treatment that has emerged in recent years is a pot and pan rack. Yes, you read that right. Some inventive people have chosen to hand a pot and pan rack in front of the window, creating a sort of valance of pots and pans. This option is ideal when you have lovely pots — think copper and stainless steel — and no real need for a privacy barrier, such as when the window faces your back yard.

None at All

This minimalist approach is also used when the window faces your back or side yard. While this look won’t work in every kitchen, if you’re going for clean lines and an open appearance, your windows may look best with no dressing at all. In some cases, the window trimming is painted a color to contrast with the rest of the room to make the window stand out without needing any additional fabric or add-ons.

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