5 Gorgeous Kitchen Color Palettes

Choosing the perfect kitchen color scheme can be both exciting and daunting because there are so many shades to choose from. There’s a science behind choosing colors for your kitchen, but it boils down to what you like. We’ve prepared some tips to help you choose the right color for your kitchen.

What’s your style?

Before choosing kitchen color palettes, you need to think about a couple of things.

  • The first thing is the style because some colors work great with different styles. It’s great to know what style you want upfront because it gives you get an idea of what kind of color you should be looking for.

  • Another important thing to consider is what kind of functions you want in your kitchen.

  • You also need to think about the layout, because you don’t want your kitchen to be completely different from other rooms in your house. You don’t have to choose the same colors for your entire house, there should be a smooth transition.

  • Think about cabinetry colors, flooring colors, and appliance colors before choosing kitchen color palette.

The most popular kitchen color palettes: 

1. Warm color palette.

Warm colors including reds, oranges, and yellow are great if you want to achieve the exciting and energetic design. Warm colors can be combined with cool blues and soft neutrals to suit every decorating style.

2. Cool color palette.

Colors like blue, green, and purple have the ability to calm and soothe. Cool color palettes are a common choice in rustic and retro kitchens. These colors also add energy to the room because they evoke nature and the environment and so have positive associations.

3. Neutral color palette.

Neutral colors like shades of white, gray, and beige are a common choice for kitchens because they can be easily combined with warm and cool tones. This kitchen color palette can be adapted to any style, from traditional to country to contemporary.

4. Whites with accent colors.

If you’re too afraid of the risk with a completely new color, you can never go wrong with a clean white. This color is perfect for any kitchen design because it can be combined with warm and cool accent colors. Another advantage of the white color palette is that an entirely different room is created each time you change your accessories.

5. Gray color palette.

Gray is a new neutral and it can work wonders in kitchens. This color can create a calm environment in one of the busiest rooms in the house. If you want to create a sophisticated design, gray is an excellent color. It can also complement other colors like yellow, red or pumpkin what makes it even more desirable as a perfect color for your kitchen.

Take time to consider various color palettes, and don’t forget about the light from your surrounding environment and existing features. Consider every possible element to get the remodel you want.

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