5 Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions

kitchen storage spaceWhether you have a small kitchen or just have a lot of things to try to find storage for your large collection of kitchen items, kitchen storage is much sought-after, leaving many homeowners to find creative solutions. Below are some of those kitchen storage solutions, some of which may work in your home. Read on for some inspirational ideas!

Window Shelf

Window treatments are another aspect of decor that is hotly debated, with creative solutions being sought after. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Window ledges offer storage space, and some people also choose to build a shelf over the top of windows. These shelves are ideal for storing showpiece items, such as brightly colored dishes or cookery. However, the one downside is that these items may be difficult to reach, so try to choose items to store here that you don’t need terribly often.

Pull-Out Pantry

Traditional cabinets and pantries provide plenty of storage space, but can be difficult when you need to access what’s inside. A pull-out pantry or pull-out cabinet eliminates that difficulty while maximizing the storage space you have to work with.

Instead of having to reach all the way to the back to retrieve your items, a pull-out pantry brings the items to you. When you pull the door open, it slides forward, bringing the shelves with it, allowing you to easily reach the items at the back.

Crockery Drawer

In most kitchens, china and crockery are stored up in cabinets, often far above the head of the people who need to access them on a daily basis. This arrangement makes putting dishes away and taking them out precarious at best, and dangerous at worst. One solution to that problem is using drawers instead of cabinets for crockery storage. Strategically placed pegs help keep stacks of dishes and bowls in place, and the extra weight is no problem for heavy-duty drawer slides.

Tilt-down Drawer

One piece of kitchen real estate that often gets looked over is the space in front of the sink. However, in many kitchens there is just enough space under the countertop in front of the sink to install a shallow drawer that tilts down from the top, with just enough room inside for items like sponges, dish scrubbers, and other sink accessories that would otherwise clutter the edge of the sink and surrounding countertop.

Move Outside the Kitchen

If all else fails — look elsewhere! There are many items that are traditionally stored in the kitchen that can actually work just as well in other rooms. A built-in wine rack can make a lovely display in a den, and a china cabinet can display your heirloom pieces in the dining or living room while making room for other items in your kitchen cabinet. Think about what you have to store, and consider where you may be able to do that outside the kitchen.

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