5 Kitchen Hardware Trends

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and ToolsHardware takes up such a small amount of space in the kitchen, but it can make such a huge difference in how a kitchen looks. These drawer pulls and cabinet knobs add just the right accent in your kitchen and can help pull the look you’re going for together. Below are some of the types of kitchen hardware trending right now that might work well in your kitchen.

Elongated Tubular Handles

Instead of using small, rounded knobs, it is becoming more popular to use long, thin rounded handles on both drawers and cabinets. These handles, often made out of brushed nickel or a similar-looking metal, help provide a sleek appearance to any kitchen. An additional benefit of this type of handle is that it is often much easier to grip than a knob, making it ideal for elderly or handicapped residents.

Antique Bronze

This trend has less to do with the shape of the hardware and more to do with the color of them. Because of that, this particular trend could be combined with some of the others — for example, you could potentially have elongated tubular handles in antique bronze.

Antique bronze hardware is a great way to add age, character, and depth to a kitchen with minimal effort. This color goes well with wood accents or with stone countertops that have dark brown or red flecks in the design. While the metallic color is neutral enough to match almost any color scheme, it works best when used against light-colored cabinetry, allowing the dark bronze tones to pop in contrast.

Painted Patterns

Not all kitchen hardware has to be solid in color; in fact, some antique drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are actually made of painted porcelain. This classic look has been coming back into favor, allowing homeowners to add a pop of fun color to their kitchens in a small, unexpected way. Even on such a tiny canvas, there are still options to choose from, such as the color scheme and style. For example, you might choose to have your hardware painted in pastel florals, or you might prefer bold, bright colors in an Art Deco style.


In a style that almost bounces off of the painted patterns of old, beaded drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are another way to add some color to your kitchen — along with, this time, some texture. These pieces of kitchen hardware certainly achieve a unique look with a wide variety of colors and materials, but with the potential drawback of allowing food to get stuck between the beads if handled incorrectly.


The last trend we’ll cover here is one that can, again, be easily be mixed with other trends. Rustic kitchen hardware can be made to work well in an antique or natural, outdoorsy kitchen schemes. This type of hardware is more rugged than sleek, and is often made to be slightly uneven. A common material for this type of hardware is wrought iron, a dark black metal that looks attractive in almost any setting.

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