5 Surprising Ways to Store Wine

remodeling contractorIf you enjoy wine, it’s likely that you enjoy every aspect of it — selecting it, drinking it, and even displaying it. However, traditional wine racks get boring after a while, and wine bottles can take up a surprising amount of room. How to solve both problems at once? Check out some of the wine storage ideas below to see if any of them will work for you.

Chalkboard background

This shabby-chic idea is a great way to store wine while also letting visitors know what you have to choose from while you’re at it. Install some wine shelves in front of a chalkboard wall, with plenty of space between the shelves. This leaves you room to write important information — like the name, producer, region, and vintage of the wine — above or beside each wine bottle. Installing each shelf individually also allows you to position the shelves how you like to either maximize your space or create an eye-catching display that fits in with the theme of your room.

Built-in Wine Rack

A rack that is built into your cabinetry lets visitors know how serious you are about your hobby, while also keeping the bottles off your countertop. Some good places to consider a built-in wine rack are attached to the underside of the upper cabinets or in place of one of the lower cabinets or drawers under the counter.

Island Recess

Kitchen islands are incredibly useful, as extra counter or serving space as well as storage space, so they can be a great place to sneak in some wine storage. A recess on either end of an island is a great place to build in a wine rack, and if the island is tall enough, you may even be able to fit in some wine glass storage as well.

Glass-front Wine Cooler

Any wine connoisseur knows that having their wine the right temperature is essential before serving it, so if you want to have the most wines available for you to drink at any time, you’ll need to store them at that temperature. One attractive way to do that is with a glass-front wine cooler. These can be as small as a countertop or undercounter unit, or as large as a walk-in. Most modern coolers come with LED lighting to help your wine look its best.

Suspension Rack

One of the most interesting wine storage ideas is to suspend the wine over a counter or table, much like glass storage racks do for wine glasses. These innovative racks store wine upside down, which works well to keep the cork damp while creating a dynamic display. These racks can be hard to find, but a custom build can ensure you get exactly what you want.


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