5 Things to Know Before Remodeling a Bathroom

When is the right time to remodel your bathroom? Right now. If you plan to stay in the home, you might as well be happy with the space, right? On the other side of the coin, remodeling bathrooms is a huge selling point in terms of resale value. Here are five things to keep in mind when taking on a bathroom remodel.

Start with a wish list

Think about your current bathroom(s). What do you love about it? What do you dislike about it? Is there anything that could be changed to make the space more functionable? Come up with a list of things you have always wanted. Itemize them according to must-haves and would-like-to-haves. If you’re not sure what you want (and it’s okay to not know), search magazines, Pinterest and our Homes Heart showroom for inspiration.

Make a budget

It’s tough to start any home remodeling project without a budget in mind. This where your list of must-haves comes in handy. Calculate how much your must-haves will be first, then move on to the would-like-to-haves if there is room in the budget. Make sure to consider unexpected expenses, as well. We recommend factoring in at least 10% for unforeseen surprises.

Call Homes Heart

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for and a budget in mind, the next step is contacting the professionals at Homes Heart Kitchen & Bathroom Design. We can tell you what your budget can buy, and provide solid advice on how to save and where to splurge. Homes Heart takes pride in turning our client’s vision into reality. Whether you have an idea of what you’re looking for or have not a clue where to start, we work with you from start to finish.

Use Space Wisely

Maximizing your space is one of the key factors in any remodel. Whether you have a lot of square footage or only a small space to work with, increasing functionality is key. Floor to ceiling cabinets, double sinks and built in storage are all ways to increase function and space.

Design for Longevity

Whether you’re planning to stay in your home forever or thinking about moving in the future, design for the long term. It will make you happy for years and impress homebuyers if you sell. Whether you’re doing the floors, adding cabinetry, redoing the shower or completely demolishing the space, take time with the design and make sure you’re going to love your choices for years to come.

Contact Homes Heart to get started on your bathroom remodel! We’ll give you planning tips, advice on working with contractors, and product buying information. Visit our showroom for product examples and ideas!

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