5 Unique Bathroom Sink and Faucet Options

bathroom design mistakes to avoidShower curtains and bathtubs have long been the decor centerpieces of well-appointed residential bathrooms, but with some new and innovative sinks and faucets available on the market, that might be changing. Below are some of the most interesting and eye-catching sink and faucet combos you might consider adding to your bathroom.

Channel Spout and Hammered Metal

Channel spouts are perhaps the greatest thing to happen to the shabby chic movement, with their appearance resembling those old-timey water pumps that most of us have never had to use. They are available in most metal finishes, but are most popular in copper or bronze, and are often used with a matching hammered metal vessel sink.

Tall Faucet with Low Vessel Sink

This contrasting set is ideal for modern bathrooms, and because the contrast is in height, it can be made to work with almost any decor scheme. Tall faucets are often cylindrical and, most often, silver or black. Vessel sinks are the hottest trend right now, and when paired with a tall faucet, the water splashes down melodically into the sink, most commonly made of porcelain or glass.

Waterfall Faucet with Matching Sink

Waterfall faucets are relatively new, with a design that spreads water out over a circular band, often made out of colored glass, before it spills down into a sink. The sink is often made out of colorful glass that matches the circular band on the faucet. This trend is growing popular with those who want a pop of color in their bathroom.

Ultra Modern

If you want a sleek, modern bathroom, your faucet and sink are a great way to contribute to that style. A sensor faucet has the benefit of having a modern appearance while also being easy and convenient to use. To enhance the modern appearance, pair the sensor faucet with a square or rectangular white ceramic sink, with straight, clean lines.

Black and Glass

Black fixtures can fit in with almost any decor scheme, making them an ideal option if you’re not quite sure what color scheme you want to go with, or if you think you will want to change your accent colors over time. Pair the black faucet with a clear glass vessel sink for a modern looking sink and faucet combo. Clear glass sinks are available with smooth, clear finishes, or with patterns like crackles or bubbles in the glass.

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