5 Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen

It’s said that the kitchen is the very heart of the home, which is why we should all strive to make it as comfortable as possible. Apart from making sure it’s functional and spacious enough, we need to account for aesthetics as well. If you’re looking to freshen it up a bit, chances are you’re in need of some inspiration. It can be hard seeing what’s wrong with a space and managing to picture something better instead.Homes Heart is all about designing the right space for our client’s lifestyle and personality. Here are four upgrades to consider if you’re remodeling the kitchen—or just looking to improve its form, function, and feel.

1. Achieve a luxurious look with high-end appliances.

While costs of appliances can become significant, they offer long term rewards. Not only will updated appliances improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen, modern appliances are designed for long term use. That means it will be quite a while before they need replacing. Additionally, modern technology allows us to enjoy our appliances like never before. Touch screen refrigerators, self-ventilating stovetops, and smart-phone controlled dishwashers are just a few advancements.

2. Transform the kitchen with better countertops.

Countertops are often the first thing guests notice when walking into a kitchen. Therefore, investing in an attractive, resistant and durable countertop material is an undeniable upgrade. Granite is an insanely popular choice, with quartz quickly climbing the charts. The staff at Homes Heart absolutely loves helping clients choose the right countertop, assessing both functionality and personal vision.

3. Refresh the space with new hardware.

Hardware is like jewelry for kitchens. Cabinetry hardware will not only dress up cabinets but add an interesting architectural element to any kitchen. Whether replacing or adding hardware for the first time, cabinetry hardware is an inexpensive way to update any kitchen. There are thousands of hardware options to choose from, and Homes Heart looks forward to helping you choose the hardware that blends seamlessly with your kitchen.

4. Create a whole new look by changing the backsplash.

Another huge kitchen upgrade is the backsplash. Whether your current backsplash is completely non-existent or filled with old, outdated tile, removing it and replacing it with something that fits both the times and your design style is easy. Not sure what you’re looking for? The staff at Homes Heart will help you choose a tile that is both classic and timeless, and of course, represents your personal style.

Tip: Consider both the present and future when choosing a backsplash. Ask yourself, is this a design I will be happy with for the next 5-10 years? Will it appeal to homebuyers in the event I sell my home? Choosing a classic, neutral tile will allow room for layering in colorful kitchen accessories.

5. Mix it up with innovative storage options.

If you’d like to make your kitchen look completely different and improve its functionality at once, consider incorporating some brand-new storage options. This can be done in a number of ways, including wall hooks for pots and pans, minimalistic shelves for herbs and spices, and woven baskets for organizing the open shelving. You won’t believe what difference each of these upgrades could make for your kitchen décor.

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