5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

For some, the luxury of a huge kitchen is only a dream. Unfortunately, physically increasing a kitchen’s space isn’t always an option. Thankfully, the kitchen and bathroom designs at HomeHeart have a few tricks up their sleeves to enlarge the look and feel of your kitchen without knocking down any walls. Check out these kitchen design tips and maximize your kitchen space! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to maximize our space.

1. Lighten up.

You may be drawn to hues like charcoal grey, hazelnut brown or navy blue, but dark colors almost always make rooms feel smaller. Switch out that brown or maroon for a creamy white, warm grey, or a soft, light blue.

2. Hide Food & Clutter

Tired of produce, spices and other groceries being on your counter? We don’t blame you! Storage might be hard to come by in tiny kitchens, but a little creativity can maximize your space and remove clutter. Changing cabinet doors to pull-out drawers can increase space significantly, helping you tuck more items out of the way.

3. Try Slim Furniture

Clunky tables and oversized chairs aren’t logical for a small kitchen. Instead, invest in more slender pieces like armless chairs, open leg tables and translucent materials. This will dramatically increase the space and help you see more of the room.

4. Think UP.

Vertical space is the secret weapon to making a small kitchen seem bigger. Get things off the counters with elevated shelving, hanging pots and pans, or a magnetic knife strip.

5. Maximize Lighting

Light fixtures that are too large or hanging too low can obstruct views of the kitchen and make it seem tight. Make sure your kitchen light is appropriately sized for the space. Light fixtures aren’t the only way lighting effects your kitchen space. Just like dark colored paint, dark drapes or blinds can make a kitchen seem smaller. Consider lighter colors or sheer materials. Or you can even cut out drapes altogether!

Ready, set, GO make your kitchen feel bigger! If you’re looking for more ways to maximize your space, contact the kitchen designers at Homes Heart for a free design consultation.

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