7 Bathroom Luxury Items that will Bring Your Design to the Next Level

When you’re designing a bathroom, luxury items are usually the key elements in determining the style, mood, and look of the space. We all know a bathroom is a place where we spend time every day, and it’s normal that people usually consider it as their little piece of paradise. By selecting the right items, you can make your bathroom more inviting, chic, luxurious, and cozy. If you’re thinking about remodeling, here are some luxury items that will bring your bathroom design to the next level.

1. Heated Floors

Heated bathroom floors are a great idea to have under your feet. When temperatures outside drop, we all want to have this bathroom luxury item. This is a great investment that you’re going to especially love during those cold months.

2. Heat Lamp

Besides heated floors, heating lamps are also a good investment. Forget about stepping out of the shower or bath into the cold air, and treat yourself with the heat you deserve. Keeping your bathroom warm can also prevent problems with moisture.

3. Special Shower Heads

There’s nothing better than a warm shower after a long day. But you don’t need to use those outdated and classic shower heads anymore. There are shower heads designed especially for those who want to really enjoy this everyday ritual. Body sprayers placed throughout the shower can massage your body, or you can enjoy a rain shower head that gives you the feeling of standing under a gentle shower.

4. Walk-in Steam Shower

For centuries, steam rooms have been used as a place to heal and relax. This is why you need a walk-in steam shower in your master bathroom. These showers are easy to install and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are perfect if you want to complement your current bathroom design.

5. Seated Vanity with Ornate Mirror

A feeling of simple luxury is especially accented with an ornate mirror. One of the most desirable bathroom luxury items is a seated vanity with a gorgeous ornate mirror. You can combine different pieces of furniture and materials or blend your makeup area with the rest of your bathroom design to create your own special corner.

6. Whirlpool Tub

If you want to add some luxury to your bathroom, a whirlpool tub is just what you need. Creating a spa-like sanctuary in your home requires some careful planning, so choose your designer and workers carefully. A whirlpool tub is the ultimate in luxury bathing and it gives the feeling like you have a spa resort in your home.

7. Accent Lighting

Even if your bathroom design plan includes a lot of natural light, consider adding some artificial light as well. Strategically used accent lighting can create a more luxurious ambiance and bring your bathroom design to the next level.

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