7 Kitchen Design Ideas for People Who Love to Entertain

No matter the size of your kitchen, it seems to be the place that people usually gather.It’s no wonder that a kitchen is usually a center of every party. It tends to always be a company favorite for socializing and cocktails.  If your kitchen isn’t exactly event-ready, we’ve prepared some kitchen design ideas just for you.

1. Gorgeous countertops

Since a kitchen is no longer considered as just a gathering area, maybe you should invest in some luxury trends that will make your kitchen entertainment-worthy. Statement pieces, like luxury finishes for countertops, show that you want to make your kitchen into an entertainment area. Your kitchen countertops will shine with gorgeous quartz finishes or even some precious stones like amethyst and tiger’s eye.

2. Warming drawers.

If you want to keep your food warm for your guests, this is a must-have feature. This is a handy appliance that offers the perfect way to heat up your plates and to keep your food warm.

3. Dinnerware storage.

Store your dinnerware in deep drawers or create open shelving area. This allows your guests can handle dinnerware more easily and they don’t have to reach into high wall cabinets to grab plates or glasses. Open shelves are also a great place to store your dinnerware and glassware so your guests can easily grab what they need.

4. Self-service bars.

For those who love to wine and dine their guests, designing a gorgeous self-service bar is definitely on their priority list. A built in under the counter refrigerator and wine cooler is a great way to give your guests easy access to drinks throughout your event. The bar is a great spot to display your glassware or even add some accent lighting to make it even more luxurious. A well-planned bar will allow your guests to serve themselves comfortably.

5. Two dishwashers.

If you host events with quite a few people, and you love to cook the food by yourself, you’ll probably appreciate a second dishwasher. We all know that the worst part of every party is the cleanup, and with a second dishwasher, everything is easier and more efficient.

6. Recycling centers.

Don’t forget about the recycling when you’re throwing a party. Store your recycling bins in a pullout cabinet in your kitchen. It’s enough to have two waste bins, one for the garbage and one for recycling.

7. Sleek appliances.

You don’t have to purchase the professional grade appliances, but it’s for the best to get the ones that are good quality. When you’re redesigning your kitchen into an entertainment haven, you should buy quality appliances that are going to survive all the use.

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