7 Smart Kitchen Organization Tips

The kitchen can be one of the messiest rooms in any house. There are too many things you need to keep in your kitchen, so it’s easy to understand why. The best way to figure out how to organize your kitchen is to think about how you use it. If you don’t use a coffee maker or a toaster every day, you can store these appliances to make room for something you actually need. When you decide what you need on display, and what do you want to hide, organizing is going to be easy. 

1. Drawer organizers.

When you decide to organize your kitchen, it’s the perfect time to get rid of clutter and items you no longer need. Before installing drawer organizers, pull everything out of each drawer and put similar items in groups. This way you can store utensils you actually need closer to the stove or a washing machine. Drawer organizers are handy gadgets that will help you to stay organized because everything will have its proper place.

2. Organize the cabinets.

When you have similar items in groups, you should decide where to store them. Cooking and baking items should be kept close to where you do food preparation and glassware might be near the sink. Group items together and keep them right where you need them to avoid going back and forth across the kitchen.

4. Use adhesive hooks.

You can hang all those items you use on a daily basis by installing a rack with hooks anywhere you want. Your pots and pans are difficult to organize too. A practical solution is to hang them on the wall with hooks. If you like to buy expensive pots and pans, don’t be afraid to put them on display.

5. Convert a cabinet into a pull-out trash bin.

It’s not easy to find a place to put the trash. If you want it out of the way, you can simply place it under a cabinet.

6. Use cabinet doors.

You can hang pot lids on the back of your cabinet doors with the help of adhesive hooks. You can also place shoe organizers on the back of your cabinet doors and organize those small items.

7. Contain everything.

Don’t ignore the power of a good container system. When you keep food in labeled containers, your kitchen will look more organized and you’ll be able to find everything you need right away.

8. Make use of vertical space.

Free up cabinet space and consider placing hooks underneath cabinets to hold mugs, or hang a stemware rack for wine glasses. Any space you can use to hang something will free up flat space inside cabinets you need to store appliances and dishware.

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