What to Ask Your Kitchen Designer

You’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, and after doing some research, you’ve found the perfect kitchen designer. They’re experienced, they understand what you want, and they are excited to help you create your dream kitchen. So now what? Below, we address a few questions you may want to ask our kitchen designer to help the process go smoothly for both of you.

What is your process?

This is the most basic question to ask a designer, so it’s a great one to start off with. Knowing the designer’s process helps you establish what you can expect from them. Do they have a few consultations, then contact you later with your initial kitchen layout for approval and edits? Do they sketch out ideas while you have your initial discussion? Do they prefer to go shopping with you to get a feel for the items you might want in your kitchen? Ask your designer to walk you through their preferred process so you can know where to go from here.

How long will my project take?

Here’s the thing: every project is different, and every stage of a kitchen design project has its own variables that can make an overall projection difficult to make. However, your kitchen designer should be able to give you a basic timeline for the initial design and some estimates on how long demolition and installs should take. While you should certainly account for some wiggle room, most designers can give you a ballpark estimate of how long you can expect your project to last after a discussion about what you want.

How do deliveries work?

If you’re having very much work done at all, it is inevitable that you will need to figure out how to handle deliveries. How this will go can depend on a few things, from who you have hired to the level of service you’re paying for. Ask your designer if you (or someone else) will need to be present to accept deliveries, or if they will be able to accept deliveries in your stead. If you will need to be present for them, you may need to plan ahead for time off of work, or planning other activities around those expected delivery dates.

Who installs everything?

A new kitchen design can include everything from large items like new refrigerators and ovens to smaller things, like light fixtures and wall tiles. Speak to your designer to determine if they handle contracting the installers for each of these things, or that is something you will need to arrange. If your kitchen designer does not handle installers, they may still have local contractors they can recommend for each job, an invaluable resource that can save you hours of research.

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