Avoid These Bathroom Design Mistakes

small bathroom design ideasWhen you get started designing your bathroom, you may feel like you have a grasp on the basics. After all, how hard can it be? You have a toilet, a sink, and maybe a shower or bathtub, and you apply your color palette, right? In fact, it’s a little more complicated. Below are some common mistakes you can avoid with a little planning.

Not Having Priorities in Order

Unfortunately, most bathrooms are relatively small spaces, which can sometimes limit what you’re able to do design-wise. Because of this, if you don’t carefully prioritize the features that are most important to you, you might very well end up disappointed. When you first begin planning your bathroom redesign, list out what features you hope to have, and, most importantly, which ones take priority.

Improper Layout

Have you ever been in a bathroom where the sink is practically hanging over the toilet? That is the result of poor layout planning. Even professional architects find this aspect to be a challenge in some buildings, so it’s important to speak with a skilled designer to ensure your bathroom has a layout that is practical and comfortable.

Getting Too Trendy

Everyone wants to be on-trend, but unless you plan on renovating your bathroom every year, you may want to consider that a little more carefully. If you really like a current trend, of course find a way to work it into your bathroom design, but be sure you genuinely like it and aren’t including it simply because it’s trendy. Some people find themselves in the unfortunate position of ending up in a room they don’t really like multiple times a day simply because they valued a brief trend over their own personal preferences. Trends come and go, so take them into consideration, but take them lightly.

Using the Wrong Materials

Because of the nature of the bathroom, it is important to make sure the materials you use in your bathroom design are able to withstand the room. While that paisley wallpaper may be gorgeous, it likely isn’t a good fit for your bathroom; the moisture in the room is likely to cause it to mold. As you consider materials for any surfaces in your bathroom, including floors, walls, and countertops, check with the manufacturer to make sure it is suitable for a bathroom and able to withstand humidity and cleaning products.

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