7 Beautiful Cookware Storage Ideas

Designing a kitchen means more than just selecting cabinetry, surface materials, and appliances. Smaller details are usually the ones that have great impact. The perfect way and place to store your cookware is usually one of those details. Pots, pans, and lids are a particular challenge due to their size. If you cook often, storing them deep in a closed cabinet is not always the most practical option. Here are some beautiful cookware storage ideas you may find helpful!

Decide where you want to place your cookware.

Whether you want your cookware in view or hidden will depend on your preferences. This decision should be based on the amount of time you spend in your kitchen. If you cook often, it may be better to store your pots and pans into a closed cabinet, since it can get greasy or dirty if you place it in view. For those who prefer a more uncluttered look, this solution is also the better one. Anyway, if you want your cookware in view, this should not affect your decision, since there are ways to combine both and still have the perfect kitchen. Put only things you use or like on display, and leave some in the cabinets. All in all, properly incorporating your cookware into your kitchen is a great achievement when it comes to design.

A suspended pot rack.

A stainless steel suspended pot rack over a kitchen peninsula is an obvious in-view storage option. With this cookware storage idea, your pots and pans will give your kitchen a more interesting look, especially if they are made out of quality materials and/or beautiful colors, since in that case they count as aesthetically pleasing details as well. Make sure the pot rack is mounted at the proper height to allow you to reach everything.

Hung under the island.

This cookware storage idea is perfect if you don’t you want your cookware hanging prominently or hidden in a closed cabinet. If you hang your cookware underneath an island, it is still going to be in view, but won’t be so noticeable.

Glass shelves.

This idea is great if you like a clean and minimalistic look, but you still want to display your expensive and beautiful cookware. You can install glass shelves or cabinets with glass shelves so you can display all of your lovely cookware.

Linear wall rack.

Arrange your cookware in a line on the wall using a linear rack to achieve a more streamlined look.

Deep drawers.

For this option, choose deep drawers specially designed to hold large cookware. Make sure you have enough drawers to store your pots and pans in one or two layers so they will be easier to see and pull out. A separate area for lids will keep the drawer neat and easier to use.

Corner cabinets.

With this cookware storage idea, you will be able to use corner drawers as a great spot for storing all your pots and pans, especially if you install a wire-rack which you can spin to access whatever you need.

All of these cookware storage ideas can solve your storage challenges nicely. With proper storing of your pots and pans, you can gain some extra space in your kitchen and perhaps even add some unique design elements as well.

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