Customer Interview: Kitchen Design & Remodel

Homes Heart thrives on the customer experience. When our customers are happy, we’re happy. If you’re thinking about taking on a kitchen remodel, we think this customer interview will give you that “push” you need to get started.

Project Type (kitchen or bathroom): Kitchen

Project Scope (gut rehab or renovation): It was a total gut rehab. It actually turned into a partial floor rehab.

Size in square feet: Approximately 450 sqft

How did you pick Homes Heart? It initially started with a Google search. Then I got on the website I scrolled through some of the designers in the area. I wanted to stay in the area that I live. I interviewed three different designers. Three designers came out to our house to give us their ideas. Barb was the only one who thought outside the box.

Commercial/Residential: Residential

Purpose of project (increase space, functionality, etc?): First of all, we definitely needed more storage space and more cabinet space. There was a lot of useless areas. It was also extremely dark. We live in a wooded area, you always had to have a light on in the kitchen. It didn’t matter what time of day it was. So we wanted to bring more light into the kitchen, add more cabinet space and more elbow room to the area.

What are some of the key features? The first thing that stands out is our red island. It’s beautiful. The other thing that stands out is the extension, which we call the kitchen annex. Barb had put this together in her design to give us more room. What will stand out at the end will be our cooktop and stove. Also our bigger window. Those are the things we love.

How would you describe the style (rustic, modern, traditional): The majority of the cabinets are shaker style. We have that plain, simple design. The island is very rustic. So we are taking a combination of rustic and industrial. We like to call it Country Contemporary. It’s a mix!

What was the Homes Heart process like? First off I got to tell you that she is so easy to talk to. For instance I had gone to a designer in Barrington and I felt like this designer was talking down to me. It felt like since I lived in Wonder Lake it wasn’t worth her time. Barb came out and I knew immediately that she seemed to take as much pride in this kitchen as we do. She has been there with us every step of the way. My son is the contractor. For some designers that is very difficult. He’s very good at what he does and Barb is willing to work with him. The only time he can come out here is on the weekends. She is willing to be available at any time. Weekends, day or night. It’s just incredible. Any issues that we run into she’s addressed immediately. So yes, we have enjoyed working with her and I would recommend her highly to anyone.

What were some of the favorite parts you did yourself? The whole thing. We did hire in a drywaller because nobody likes to tape! We also hired in a person to refinish our floors.

What were some of your favorite parts about working with Homes Heart? It was her availability and the ease. It was so easy to talk to her. She has a vision and she shares your vision. She can see the things that you’re looking for. She was the only designer that came in here and saw that I really wanted a little bit more than to stay with the same footprint of my kitchen. She came up with so many different designs.

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