Defining & Designing Your Space

We utilize a flexible three-step approach that matches the right style with your unique personality to create a space that is functional, durable and beautiful.

Step 1: We Listen

What are your personal tastes? What is your preferred style? What are your goals for the space? How should it feel when it’s finished? What kind of budget do you have? These are just a few of the questions we ask as we observe your current kitchen and explore your ideal one. We also examine magazine clippings or pictures of kitchens you like and study traffic patterns to determine optimum functional requirements.

Step 2: We Define

In our second step, we map out the concrete parameters afforded by your space, specifically cooking, storage and seating requirements. We help you select the door styles, finishes and lighting that will enhance your preferred look-and feel. Traditional, colonial, craftsman or contemporary — we provide you with detailed Plan View Concepts that accentuate your style.

Step 3: We Design

After clearly defining your space, we present you with a custom kitchen or bath design that integrates all of your feedback. Our design enables you to identify all functional zones, refine your style and provide the feedback we need to finalize our plans. Once approved, we partner with your architect, interior designer or builder during each important step of the installation process.