Feature and Function in Bathroom Design: The Best of Both Worlds

The bathroom is an important part of your home. The design of the bathroom is also vital and every homeowner wants to make sure that this area is relaxing and comfortable to use. To make it more comfortable and creative, consider incorporating some items into your bathroom design that are both gorgeous and functional.

Proper Lighting

A well-lit bathroom can provide much more comfort. Place ceiling lights in the areas you want to highlight. Also, place one near the shelves, or close to the mirrors, vanity seat, shower, and other places you think need lighting. Sconces are a beautiful choice for bathroom lighting, as well as a great solution for vanity seat lighting. Because of all the added light, proper lighting also makes a room highly functional.

A Heated Towel Rack

These racks are definitely number one on the functionality list. They are available in different styles so you don’t have to buy a regular old towel rack. Not only are your towels always going to be warm after your shower, your bathroom is going to look better as soon as you install them. You can now finally bring out all those gorgeous towels that you have been hiding in drawers and cabinets.

A Temperature-sensitive LED Faucet Light

Don’t even ask why you need this, this item just looks so great. With this item, you’ll see the water in different colors depending on the temperature. This is also a fun gadget if you have kids, since it makes it easier to explain the hot and the cold water.

Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are attractive, easy to clean, and comfortable. With this functional bathroom design element, you can bring your bathroom decor to a completely new level. Hire a professional designer for this task and together you can choose what type of a walk-in shower is going to suit your bathroom and ensure it’s done well. A walk-in shower can provide a great level of privacy if designed properly, so two persons are able to use the bathroom at the same time. Privacy walls with and without doors can be built for these showers, and they can certainly add an aesthetic architectural element to the bathroom.

Apothecary Jars

Bathrooms are usually home to lots of accessories, which have to be arranged in a functional way as there is usually not that much space for purely decorative objects. Apothecary jars are beautiful items and they can save you a lot of space since you can store smaller items like cotton and bath salts in them. Whatever your bathroom theme, these functional design elements are sure to fit your bathroom decor perfectly.

Cabinetry with Open Storage

Installing cabinetry with open shelving is a highly functional bathroom design idea. Having storage space under the sink is a plus in any case, but if it has open shelves as well, it can also serve as great decorative design. With open shelves, you can store your towels, baskets, and other decorative items without using up all the room in your cabinets.

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