Feature and Function in Kitchen Design: The Best of Both Worlds

When approaching the task of kitchen remodeling or redecorating, feature combined with function is key. With smart choices, you can truly make your kitchen timelessly gorgeous and functional at the same time. Functional kitchen design means the perfect combination of both luxurious items and awesome functionality.

Lots of Lighting

Having multiple sources of light in the kitchen is vital to every well-balanced design. Multiple light sources allow you to manipulate the lighting according to your needs and preferences. Consider some of these main types of lighting to achieve a beautiful and functional kitchen design:

  • Chandeliers are a great choice for lighting a large kitchen island.
  • Under-cabinet lights are perfect for lighting up the dark corners under upper cabinets.
  • Rope lights are a great addition to mood lighting above upper cabinets.

Carrara Marble for Countertops

Carrara marble is a timeless classic. Even Michelangelo’s David was carved from this white marble. This item is a must-have in every modern kitchen since it is highly functional and it just looks beautiful with unique shades of white and gray.

Six Burner Range

This kitchen design idea is not just about functionality, but also about the aesthetics. The fact is that six burner range stoves look magnificent in any slightly bigger kitchen. Their functionality is not questionable since they allow you to prepare a meal for a large group of people in no time.

Pot Fillers

To accompany a six burner range, you can install pot fillers just above it. These items are highly functional since they rid you of the need to carry a large pot of water from your sink to your range, but also make boiling water fast and easy. Designs of pot fillers are just amazing, and include everything from modern to more traditional, so they can be incorporated into any kitchen decor. This unexpected kitchen feature can be installed wherever you can run a cold water line.

Dishwasher in a Drawer

This handy appliance allows you to make use of technology even for washing only a couple of dishes at a time. It also looks so much better than a regular dishwasher. It would be best to install it in a drawer in the butler’s pantry or near your prep center.

Small Appliances Garage

An on-counter appliance garage is a highly functional feature for your kitchen. You can even install roll up doors so the appliances remain hidden if you don’t use them that often.

Pot Rack

If you are a fan of shiny surfaces and stainless steel appliances, you probably have pots and pans to match that style. It’s a shame to keep them hidden in drawers and cabinets. If you want a functional way to store these items, a pot rack is an excellent solution since it allows you to exhibit all your lovely pots and pans while also keeping them at an arm’s length away when needed.

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