How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space…

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. If you strive to make your home comfortable, chances are you want it to be both functional and organized. But how do you go about doing that? Here are some tips on how to rid your kitchen of clutter and improve its storage capacity!

Rearrange Your appliances.

Make more room for rolling racks and standalone shelving by removing all the appliances you don’t use that often. Store these in a cabinet and take out mugs, pots, and pans to achieve a more interesting look. Leave appliances that are too big to store and those you use often, but choose a single space for them and try to keep them close to avoid a cluttered look.

Make Use of Your Empty Corners.

Have an empty corner in your kitchen? Take advantage of that empty space by purchasing a custom-made cabinet to fit in the corner. Incorporate small shelves in the doors to store spices and smaller bottles. Keep your corner cabinet free of clutter by taking everything out of the original packaging and storing it in glass jars or metal containers.

Move Items Under the Sink.

Another great storage space idea is to efficiently use the space under your kitchen sink. This can be a challenge with plumbing parts in the way. But you can beat this by installing a beautiful stainless steel door rack to keep your cleaning supplies. And whenever you need them, they’ll be waiting for you on display and ready to use.

Organize your Drawers.

Your drawers are useless if you can’t find what you need in them right away. Plus, a well-organized drawer can offer more storage space. Consider purchasing and incorporating drawer organizers, dividers, or custom drawer inserts, all of which can help you organize your drawers perfectly. Believe us when we say that even the smallest changes can make a world of difference.

Make Clutter Disappear by Using Baskets.

Pull-out baskets introduce an interesting texture into your kitchen design. They also serve the purpose of storing frequently used items or food that doesn’t require refrigeration. Another benefit of using them is that they can be kept almost anywhere.

Consider Hanging Some of Items.

Wall hooks are ideal for coffee mugs and other cups with handles. They also work for items such as spoons, measuring cups and other utensils you use regularly. You can also purchase metal or wooden trees that are used for storing cups. This will surely add some character to your kitchen space.


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