How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Tools

When you decide to update your kitchen design, that is the perfect time to incorporate creative utensil and tool storage solutions into your kitchen. Every cook has a few best friends: appliances, utensils, and the dishware you use every day. These tools and utensils have earned prime storage space in your kitchen.

The golden rule when it comes to storing kitchen utensils is to use the most accessible area in your kitchen to store the items you use more often. If you’re wondering how to store kitchen utensils in a practical way that’s also fun and creative, here are a few ideas!

Hang Kitchen Utensils

Some things never go out of style, but they can also be wonderful space-saving solutions. A kitchen rod is a thing you need to add into your kitchen design. After you do it, you’re no longer going to be wondering how and where you are going to store all your gorgeous kitchen utensils and tools. You can go with a simple solution and hang some hooks on a rod above the cooktop. To add a rustic touch to your kitchen decor, you can choose to incorporate beautiful custom wooden utensil containers into your countertops or along the backsplash that are designed to your specific needs.

In-Drawer Storage

Your kitchen drawers can become much more practical by adding a variety of inserts. Utilize these inserts and dividers to keep your utensils nicely organized and contained in your drawers. Not only will your tools and utensils be easier to find, you’ll be able to fit more in each drawer. To store your knives safely,, you can add a wooden knife block inside a deep drawer.

Cabinet Dividers & Inserts

It is quite annoying when you are not able to find a suitable lid for a pot, but with a wooden divider, you can keep lids out of the way and organized. Simply add dividers into your deep drawers and beat all that clutter and mess that unorganized tools and utensils can create. Baskets and sectioned containers within the drawers are also great ways to keep silverware and smaller gadgets in place.

Inset Kitchen Storage

When you and your designer decide what you want your countertops to look like, you can also think about adding inset storage bins on that countertop. These small and discreet storage units are perfect for keeping smaller kitchen utensils you use every day. A simpler solution is to buy some beautiful containers and keep your kitchen utensils on the countertops. If you decide to do so, choose taller containers and label them, so you can see which tools are for cooking, baking, or serving.

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