How to Store Stemware

There’s a common debate about whether it’s best to store your stemware rim-side down or up. If you like your gorgeous crystal glasses and you’re storing them with the rim down, you may be surprised to find out that’s not the best way. Delicate crystal glasses should be stored with the rip up since that rim is very gentle and it’ll begin to crack under the weight of it. Now that we’ve cleared this up, here are some creative ways on how to store your stemware!

Glass Racks

If you’re storing your stemware in the cupboard, they’re at risk of being knocked over, so this is not exactly a perfect solution for your collection. Many people use glass racks to store their stemware since they can hang up from the ceiling, suspend from walls or cabinets shelves, or stand freely on the table. This is a perfect solution to keep your glasses safe. You don’t need to be afraid of the dust accumulating over time since there are racks designed especially for those who want to preserve their stemware from dust and dirt.

Rack Chandelier

You can put your favorite stemware on display with an eye-catching rack chandelier. This can be easily incorporated into your kitchen design and it’s definitely a stunning solution. You may think how this is not exactly a practical solution, a it’s a challenging one for sure, but for those who want something new and unique, a rack chandelier is going to fit into their kitchen design just perfectly.

Stemware Storage Chest

When you’re limited in storage space or you don’t use your stemware very often, you can simply keep your stemware in storage chests and keep them somewhere safe. This solution can’t guarantee you won’t break a glass ever again, but it will certainly reduce the risk.

A Cabinet

It’s such a shame to keep your gorgeous crystal stemware inside cabinetry where no one can see it. It’s recommended to keep them inside a cabinet to protect them from dust and dirt. When going this route, consider investing in a cabinet with a glass front so your stemware is both on display and protected.

Wall-mounted Shelves

This solution maintains a simple and casual look. A wall-mounted shelf with a built-in stemware rack underneath is easily incorporated into any kitchen design. Make it more interesting by attaching a shelf with a glass rack between two cabinets. This way, your stemware storage can become a central piece in between your cabinetry.

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