Interview with Chad Heimsoth of B & C Enterprises

Another happy client and another great professional relationship! We worked with Chad Heimsoth of B & C Enterprises on a recent kitchen and bathroom remodel. Needless to say, the results were amazing! We also enjoyed working with Chad and his team. We reached out to Chad to inquire about his experience with Homes Heart. We think his comments speak true to our goals as designers, professionals, and teammates. Thanks, Chad!

You were the builder of this custom home for the customer. Barb says that you are one of the best custom home builders she knows and that you bend over backwards to make the customer happy. What do you like about working with Barb?

“Her attention to detail and follow through with the whole project and how she designs the kitchen to meet the customer’s needs”

Would you describe the cabinetry delivery as ‘easy’ with Homes Heart Designs?

“Oh yeah, most definitely. It’s nice that Sureway comes out and delivers them to the house and places them wherever you want. The guys are always courteous, we’re not missing any parts, it’s always very seamless.”

Do you feel at ease with Homes Heart Designs working with your customer and servicing their design and cabinetry requirements?

“Yes, I look at Barb as one of our teammates, or almost an employee. We trust her with our customers one hundred percent. I would say that her product is superior, it goes together very easily and it looks really nice… I just really like the design of the kitchen. She thinks out of the box on the kitchen and the design comes together very well. We really enjoy working with Barb she is probably one of the most enjoyable people that we’ve worked with through our company. It goes flawlessly.”

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