Interview with Greg Kotlowski of Manchester Builders

Homes Heart works with contractors and builders alike to facilitate the home design process. Owner of Manchester Builders, Greg Kotlowski, is just one of the builders we work with to create amazing work. To give our customers further insight as to how we work together, we decided to interview Greg. This is what he had to say…

You were the builder of this custom home for the customer. Barb says that you are one of the best custom home builders she knows and that you bend over backwards to make the customer happy. What do you like about working with Barb?

“Barb is very thorough and is willing to put the time in. She must have made thirty trips out to that house before the order actually went in, measuring and re-measuring, designing and redesigning, reconfirming… Making sure she had the proper thickness of the drywall that was going to go on, the electrical outlets. I was pretty impressed, I have to tell you. We did two really big projects together: very, very expensive high-end cabinets, and everything fit. She was out there thirty times, verifying and checking, and double-checking, it was nuts.

I’m just a quarterback; I make sure everybody shows up a does the right thing, but Barb was very cautious, you know it was an expensive order, maybe it’s kind of a combination: she gets stuck with the parts or replacement parts are out of pocket or whatever, but she was motivated to make sure she had parts. She’s out there with my installer, she’s out there inspecting on the day of delivery with the movers, she hired real professional movers with blankets and everything to put everything in place where ever it wanted, she started counting off the pieces because a few numbers always… intricate parts are always wrapped up, who can read the gear numbers? She identifies the parts, compares it to the packing list—I mean it’s pretty impressive the way she handles the deliveries.”

So you would say the cabinetry delivery was made easy for you with Homes Heart Designs?

“Oh, totally. She handled the whole thing. She was out there the whole time while they were unloading the trucks. It was very, very smooth. She was right there checking everything off with the billing lady, as it came off the truck, each piece.”

Do you feel at ease with Homes Heart Designs working with your customer and servicing their design and cabinetry requirements?

“Completely, absolutely. The couple customers that I’ve worked with, the higher end customers that I’ve worked with with Barb were interviewing cabinet people and obviously they felt more comfortable with her ability and knowledge than the other competitor who’s been at this for a long time—kind of a know-it-all guy—but Barb reassured them that she could handle it quite easily. It was effortless for her just to be herself, she’s knowledgeable and knew what had to be done. Very simple business if you let it remain simple. She’s great to work with—that’s it!”

Wow, thanks, Greg! We are so glad we could work together to create a spectacular finished product. Make sure to check out pictures of this particular kitchen design and bathroom design in our gallery!

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