Kitchen Design Tips for Animal Lovers

Pet owners love their little friends and they usually spoil them. Pets are always nearby, following their owners from room to room, and there are some unique ways you can make your home more accommodating to their needs. When you spend so much time in your kitchen, it’s only natural you’d want to make it comfortable for your pet as well! With these amazing kitchen design tips, you can transform your kitchen into your pet’s favorite room.

Feeding Stations

A spot for fresh food and water is essential. With a custom-made feeding station, you’ll no longer need to worry about tripping over bowls or knocking over the water dish. A great spot for a feeding station is a custom mini lower kitchen drawer with bowl inserts that you can pull out when it is time for feeding. You can also choose to incorporate a recessed inlet in the cabinets to use as your feeding station. Another options is to use a stylish cabinet for your pet’s feeding station, which you can also use to organize your pet’s toys, collars, leashes, and other supplies so everything you need is in one place.

Hide the Litter Box

The unfortunate truth is that your pet’s litter box is not exactly beautifully incorporated into your kitchen decor. You can change that by modifying a small cabinet or side table into a litter box. There is a variety of beautiful multi-use cabinets designed especially for cats, which means you can easily find one that will suit your kitchen design.

Pet Beds

Your kitchen island can become the perfect spot to house a comfortable pet bed. Some people even choose to incorporate their pet’s crate under a cabinet or island. Another kitchen design tip is to convert a desk you don’t use that often into a sleeping station for your pet. With these solutions, you can also gain extra storage space for your pet’s accessories.

Food Storage Spot

Since your smart little friend can easily figure out a way to get into any old plastic container, keep your pet’s food out of sight by incorporating a pet food storage drawer with a lock to keep it secure. If you don’t want to convert a drawer, you could go with a durable stainless steel bin that will blend into your kitchen design better than a transparent plastic container.

Built-in Gate

Incorporating a built-in gate into your kitchen design can really come in handy. Use it to keep pets in or out of the kitchen as needed. You can build a roll-out gate that conveniently stores inside the wall when not in use.

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