Kitchen Theme Ideas: Calm & Cool

There’s a reason why a kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s where you and your family gather to eat, cook, and even hang out over a quick snack or a cup of coffee. A cozy space like your kitchen requires a certain design that embraces that vivid atmosphere and homey feeling. Neutral and cool colors incorporated into your kitchen design can make a certain statement. If you want to achieve that calm and cool kitchen theme, here are some tips!

Color Palette

Cool colors can create a refreshing and clean look in your home. White colors are usually the first choice in this kitchen theme idea. A white color is used to create an airy appearance, pure and quiet. The freshness of white can be easily combined with other neutral colors like light blues, grays, or even a touch of darker tones like brown and black. Limiting your color palette to a few key colors will keep the look clean and fresh. To achieve that cool and relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen, you can also consider colors like light green or pale peach.


When you’re choosing a countertop material and colors that would best complement this kitchen theme, you should consider covering it with your favorite white stone. It’s an approach that’s both calming and aesthetically appealing. Choose a white marble as a countertop material if your walls are painted in light blue or gray tones. Materials like gray-toned Carrara or Calacatta marble and soapstone will work great with the white color of your kitchen walls.


White flooring is pure and very fitting for an environment where cleanliness is crucial. Lighter surfaces reflect more light and they’re a great choice for a kitchen. Combine your kitchen flooring color and materials with your cabinetry and don’t be afraid to use light wood for your kitchen flooring. Another great option for your kitchen is honey-colored travertine, which is going to look great with your neutral wall colors.

Hardware & Fixtures

Neutral and calm kitchens often tend to be minimalistic and elegant, so you can accent your kitchen cabinets and drawers with matte hardware. If you prefer square edges and linear elements, flat bar pulls are going to make a great statement in this theme idea.


Calm and cool designs in your kitchen often seem bright and pure. Everything looks better with more light, so you’ll need to choose a statement light fixture to accent this calm design. A very good solution is to add a group of miniature pendants over your kitchen island. You should install one pendant for every two feet of your counter space and try to use an odd number of pendants to create a better balance.

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