Kitchen Theme Ideas: Charming & Country

Natural materials, warmth, and maybe some antique furniture pieces are just a few of the main features of a country kitchen theme. Country and charming kitchen designs can come into many different looks, but the purpose of this design is always the same; to create a relaxing sanctuary. In these types of spaces, it’s important to incorporate rustic touches without feeling too over-the-top. Here are some main characteristics of the charming and country style!

Color Palette

Country style is so popular because it doesn’t require matching pieces of furniture or neutral colors. Country kitchens welcome display items like china or baskets. It’s the best to choose the things you want to display, the furniture, and the flooring before choosing colors for your kitchen walls. These kitchens tend to have more unfinished and natural wood throughout the room. Mixed wood tones and brick accents are usually a part of this design. If this is the case, you should choose a brighter color palette with accents of white, black, or red. Repurposed vintage furniture painted in white is also common for country kitchens. That brings a certain elegance and warmth and it leaves plenty of space to get creative with floral decor for the wall or warm paint colors like moody green or calming cool gray.


Country kitchens are full of floral motifs, interesting decorations, and bright colors. To provide the old-fashioned and rustic look, you can choose the ceramic tiles for countertop designs. You can also go with simple light-colored wooden countertops since they’re going to work great with the antique cabinetry.


Solid wood is often a priority in the country kitchen theme. Wide-planked hardwood flooring is a great choice, but stay away from darker woods. Instead, keep it light-colored in order to show its natural beauty. Flooring can also be unstained oak in red or white color. Whatever style and size you choose, consider wide plank flooring to give the space a true country look.

Hardware & Fixtures

Natural light is the way to go. Skylights and large picture windows are a great way to keep it real. The defining feature of country space is light to achieve openness and airy feel. That’s why it is so important to use warmer and brighter tones. The knobs on your cabinets and drawers may seem like a small detail, but that little touch can add some personality to your home. Country kitchens are charming and vivid, so consider something simple and elegant, like thin floral motives or simple round knobs. If your kitchen is more simple, choose some interesting and unique knobs to complement the theme.


Country kitchens are all about the accessories, so consider plaid or gingham towels, potholders, and napkins. Things should be on display, so open shelving is more than welcome. Visit antique stores and buy a cute tea set, clay pots, or vintage dish ware since those are the only accent pieces you’ll need. Also, this theme is all about floral decor, which is great since it can be used in a variety of ways. Basically, anything you want to expose can be a great accent piece with a country theme.

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