Kitchen Theme Ideas: Elegant & Luxurious

Your kitchen can become a tad more dreamy and elegant if you choose materials, accents, and colors carefully. Elegance means elements of drama, and an elegant kitchen can be done in almost any style. When you choose colors and materials, you can focus on details and convert your kitchen into a luxurious space.

Color Palette

Since this kitchen theme idea is all about materials and details that should be the focus, the color palette needs to be more neutral and warm. Decorating with neutral colors offers a multitude ways to introduce different patterns, textures, fabrics, tile, and accessories to make them stand out. Neutral and cool colors are considered elegant, so try different shades of whites, beiges, egg shells, blues, greens, or grays.  When you choose a color palette, make sure it’s well balanced and try to use 80% of neutral colors and only 20% of strong colors, if you decide to mix neutral and brighter tones.


Kitchen counter stools are often underrated, but they can make a pretty design scheme. Open up your elegant and luxurious kitchen with sculptural wooden stools since they’re a great match with granite or marble countertops. To achieve an elegant look in your kitchen, choose stone materials for countertops. Stone’s natural variation in colors and textures make each countertop unique. Beside marble and granite, other great options include cultured-stone countertops, also known as quartz-surfacing, or limestone and soapstone.


Neutral color palettes are going to work great with hardwood floorings like cherry wood, oak, or walnut. In many low-key neutral color schemes, cherry is a great accent color with warm and deep red brown and its orange undertones. If you decide to paint your kitchen bluish or gray, oak is an excellent choice for flooring because of its yellowish tones. Walnut can also make a stand with its neutral dark chocolate tones, and it works great with clean white or light cream surfaces. If you don’t want to play with wood textures, other great options are ceramic tile floors.

Hardware & Fixtures

Gorgeous light fixtures are an important part of this kitchen design theme, so you can choose large chandeliers with a ceiling medallion. Crystal and iron chandeliers are also a great choice. Cabinet hardware can also make a stand, so choose iron or bronze for your wooden cabinets. Hardware and fixtures with golden and silver tones are excellent choices for this theme to add more luxury to your kitchen.


Luxurious kitchens are very impressive because of all those gorgeous details and furniture. Pieces like stained wood floor-to-ceiling cabinets with crown molding accents are a great choice for this kitchen theme idea. When applied to kitchen cabinetry, these architectural details can help enhance the most basic cabinetry style. Moldings can be added to almost every part of a cabinet or shelf, so use that and turn your kitchen into a luxurious space. Rich artistic accents like metal or wood scrollwork are also great solutions for decorating cabinetry, shelves, and your kitchen walls. Don’t be afraid to add some special artistic pieces into your kitchen design like dramatic paintings or sculptures since this kitchen theme is suitable for that.

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