Kitchen Theme Ideas: Fun & Family-Friendly

Setting up a space that can handle everything from homework to a family dinner requires a little planning. You probably want to make sure that your kitchen is family-friendly as well as fashion-forward. Designing a family-friendly and fun kitchen will inspire your kids to fix their own snacks or help out with meal prep and cleaning. So, it’s in your interest to create a kitchen that can accommodate all your family activities.

Color Palette

When you’re designing this kitchen theme, go with colors that your children are going to love. You can create an inviting place for them with bright and whimsical design and colors. Color palettes that are perfect for the family-friendly kitchen include neutral tones like whites, grays, blues, or beiges. With this color scheme, it’s easy to add almost any accent color.


For your kitchen countertops, choose easy-care surfaces. Traditional and elegant options like marble are gorgeous, but they stain. If you don’t want to constantly remind others to wipe up their spills right away, try to avoid marble. On the other hand, large wood-topped islands are a great choice. They also offer plenty of space for homework and fun family gatherings. Stainless steel, butcher block, and engineered quartz are also good options for durable countertop materials.


The best option for your kitchen floors is durable materials that withstand frequent and rough use. Choose them carefully and focus on functional design that’s easy to clean as well as durable. So avoid honed natural stone and smooth tile floors. Instead, use something like vinyl or cork since both materials are resistant. Classic linoleum floors is also an easy option to maintain.

Hardware & Fixtures

You can even create two rooms in one if you want to create a multifunctional space for being with friends, cooking, playing board games, and watching TV. Divide the space where you want to cook from the space for family gatherings with a half wall. It’s easier to work around the table when your children are still young since they can’t reach the standard counter height, But if you’re not able to make an open plan for your kitchen, buy a helping stool for your kids and let them participate in all family activities. Since this kitchen theme idea is about functionality and durability, adjust your hardware and fixtures to match the theme. So consider stainless steel fixtures and metal hardware, since these materials can easily survive frequent use.


Make a place for your kids’ artwork and family photos on a bulletin board in the kitchen. Hang a board low on the wall so your kids can reach it. You can even install a chalkboard in your kitchen and motivate your kids to write down their favorite recipes or even ask them to help you plan out your weekly menus.

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