Kitchen Theme Ideas: Industrial & Urban

Kitchens are working areas, and they’re perfect for the industrial theme. If you don’t want to hide or disguise your appliances, an industrial design allows you to highlight them. With hundreds of possibilities and endless options for mixing color palettes and materials, you can easily convert your kitchen into an urban interior with industrial elements.

Color Palette

When you think about industrial style, you probably envision gray with a little black and some kicks of neutral colors. It’s true that the color palette in this theme tends to be narrower than in other kitchen theme ideas. This style is all about the darker color palette of blacks and grays, but that doesn’t mean you need to paint your entire kitchen in two darker tones. Show a true beauty of this theme with neutrals that have interesting undertones like fuchsia, tangerine, or citron or add some white tones. If you decide to go with blacks and grays, choose different shades to keep the space from feeling one-dimensional.

Brick walls are a favorite among homeowners especially and currently lead the pack. This kitchen theme had its start when people started repurposing old manufacturing facilities or warehouses and kept the original look with brick walls and exposed ceiling rafters. You can do this in your kitchen too by adding an accent brick wall instead of dealing with different color palettes.


If you want to give your kitchen countertops an upgrade, consider materials like stainless steel, reclaimed wood, or concrete. Stainless steel is durable, heat-resistant, resistant to bacteria, and it’s a beautiful material that works great with this kitchen theme idea. A benefit of concrete material is that it can be poured in any shape or size. Reclaimed wood is also great for your kitchen countertops since it’s an organic element that works well with modern appliances and features.


To achieve the urban and industrial theme, leave your kitchen floors bare, exposed, or unfinished, or consider hardwood, stone, or tile. Stone flooring gives your kitchen a unique look, especially if you choose marble, slate, or travertine. Wood, preferably showing its age, is always a great choice for your kitchen flooring, just like simple tiles. But if you want something new and unique, consider concrete floors that entered the mainstream with the rise of an industrial style. Whether they’re polished or honed, they work great with this kitchen theme idea.

Hardware & Fixtures

This style comes together with brick walls, exposed rafters on the ceiling, and large steel windows, so it’s not that hard to find perfect light fixtures. At first, go with pendant lights to bring out certain features of your kitchen. Steel or black fixtures are a great choice and they’re going to work great with steel hardware, which is perfect for this style.


Embrace the rawness of this style and don’t hide ducts and pipes. Leave everything on display since this style is about minimalism, sharp lines, and rough edges. Choose a giant abstract work, a sculpture, or old road signs as accent pieces for your kitchen, but don’t go overboard with decorations and art pieces. Unfinished walls and bare windows are welcome.

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