Kitchen Theme Ideas: Nostalgic & Retro

Retro means an outdated or aged style from the overall post-modern past. But retro design doesn’t mean you need to fill your kitchen with a bunch of old things. The main characteristic of this style is combining retro elements with modern features. You can choose to incorporate vintage furniture into your kitchen design or you can add to your current kitchen design small touches of retro style. Nostalgic styles look so inviting and warm and that’s what makes this vintage and retro theme so popular.

Color Palette

The retro theme is all about interesting combinations of color palettes. This kitchen theme often includes splashes of colors here and there, which is perfect for individuals who love colorful elements. But, if you don’t want to do that you can choose two or three colors and open up your kitchen with retro appliances, counter stools, wall decorations, and even a flickering neon signs. Colors you could also consider for your palette are robin’s egg blue, red, mint green, or white. If your kitchen is getting enough sunlight, choose cool colors in the blue spectrum. But if the quality of the sunlight is poor, consider using hot and red colors to warm things up.


Laminate countertops are just a perfect choice for a retro kitchen theme. Nowadays, when retro is back in style, they’re available in many colors and shapes. If you decide to go with neutral tones like black or white for your kitchen walls and cabinets, you can play with colorful laminates for countertops to break up those tones.


When you’re choosing between darker or lighter floors, think about whether you want to bring the sunshine, with light tones, or coziness, with medium and dark tones. To achieve retro flooring in your kitchen, consider black & white checkered floor tile since that truly revives that nostalgic spirit of past times. However, if it seems too impossible to incorporate into your kitchen design, you can also consider using other geometrical patterns and bold shapes. A statement vinyl floors with bright and colorful accessories hold the key to achieving an authentic retro feel.

Hardware & Fixtures

Make this kitchen theme idea totally unique and instead of stainless steel fixtures consider brass fixtures. The brass offers a nice pop of color and it’s going to work great with retro design. Vintage glass or ceramic knobs are classic hardware choices for retro designs. For light fixtures, you can experiment with aluminum shades, silver bowl bulbs, or lamps with reflective interiors.


To recreate the retro feel, try shiny appliances like pastel colored fridges and freezers or add a few signature pieces of furniture like molded S chairs or bar stools. Maybe it seems over the top, but the 50s and the 60s were all about making big and bold decorative choices. Mixed patterns, colors, and materials are something you can recreate. You can introduce geometric shapes and bold patterns into your kitchen through ornaments, furnishing on your kitchen seating, and accessories.

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