Kitchen Theme Ideas: Warm & Rustic

Rustic style, in its most traditional sense, may appear heavy and dark. Thanks to skilled designers, contemporary rustic styles have emerged over the past few years look both fresh and light. This minimalistic style puts an accent on rough walls, wood paneling, and rough stone. If you like the rustic theme, here are ideas on how to incorporate it into your kitchen design.

Color Palette

You can create the feeling like you’re in a Tuscan villa by choosing a color palette inspired by Italian sandstone and stucco. Colors that evoke the theme of a rustic Italian villa, perfect for your walls and cabinets are warm golds, darker reds, and maroons, plums and wine colors, with accents of copen blue, muslin, majolica green, bracing blue, or anjou pear.


When it comes to the countertop materials and colors that would best complement the rustic theme, there are some species of wood that suit the rugged feel of the style. You can choose from oak, hickory, and beech and leave that appealing roughness around the edges since it’s going to work great with this kitchen theme idea. Replace those glossy polished countertops with honed or flamed granite, since it has a natural satin appearance. Soapstone and honed marble also make great rustic countertops. A countertop with one of these material works great as a central piece of your rustic kitchen design.


One of the best ways for creating a cozy atmosphere with rustic elements is to make your home flooring in rustic style. The rustic flooring is easily combined with many styles because it is elegant and simple part of the interior designs. To achieve that, you can consider putting terra cotta tiles on your kitchen floor. Its distinctive feature is its reddish brown color, which is perfect for a rustic kitchen theme. Rustic design is appealing because it is all about recreating a certain nostalgia from more comforting and homely times. And nothing complements those times better than rustic wood flooring for your kitchen.

Hardware & Fixtures

The hardware on your cabinets and drawers can completely transform the entire feel of space. Just by changing one detail on your cabinet, you can transform your entire kitchen to complement the rustic theme. Consider adding rustic knobs and pulls from bronze, copper, or iron since these materials work amazingly with your wooden cabinets. When it comes to light fixtures, it’s great to incorporate large light fixtures that bathe your room in warm light to complement your rustic design.


Pick materials and accent pieces that emphasize nature, to complement the rustic theme. Materials that would work great in the rustic interior design include wool, cotton, stone, clay, glass, or metals like iron and copper. You can also use simple accent pieces like vintage cookware or vases and add them to your rustic kitchen decor. Another great idea for this theme idea is to utilize open storage to expose your pots and pans, especially your bronze cookware set.

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