Mood Lighting: The Perfect Kitchen Light Fixtures

The most effective lighting for your kitchen involves four very important elements: task, ambient, decorative lighting, and accent lighting. This way you can achieve a warm and inviting environment that works great with your other design elements. When you’re redecorating your kitchen you should think carefully about the perfect areas for lighting improvements. To help you with this task, we’ve prepared some suggestion about the perfect kitchen light fixtures.

Layered lighting:

Before choosing expensive fixtures, you should make a plan. Think about your kitchen space and the most common tasks you’re doing in your kitchen. Layered lighting can work for you. Using multiple sources of lights creates a maximum effect in a space. One thing to bear in mind when using different light sources is to be consistent with color temperature in each room.

Under-cabinet lighting:

Under-cabinet lighting is a great choice for task lighting because it helps you perform a specific task. If you love to cook meals for your family and friends, you might consider under- cabinet lighting to make the cooking process easier. For this localized lighting, you can use LED strips or puck lights with LED bulbs.


Pendant fixtures have become popular lighting options for a wide range of rooms. In a kitchen, they’re usually placed over a kitchen island or over a table. The recommended height to hang a pendant above a table is 25 to 31 inches. The fixture should be hang according to personal preferences , fixture size, and ceiling height. This is an easy way to add a touch of luxury into the design with a featured piece.

Track lighting:

With sleek and curving tracks, emerging on the market, illuminating kitchen work areas is easier than ever. Track lighting is really flexible because the track can be mounted virtually anywhere you need light. Kitchen track lighting can be curved in any number of ways, and it simply looks elegant to have curved tracks.

Accent lighting:

It is possible to turn your kitchen into a party area when needed with smartly positioned accent lighting fixtures. A good option is to install color-changing LED fittings to add some drama through colors and turn your kitchen into an entertainment area.

When it comes to kitchen lightings, the biggest mistake is too many lights hanging from the ceiling. Avoid this common mistake and use some of our tips to create the perfect lighting that will fit your needs and complement your current kitchen design.

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