Open Storage in Your Kitchen: How to Make it Work

When it comes to open storage solutions there are two kinds of people: those who believe it is a great addition to a kitchen and those who think it isn’t practical at all. When you find out how to make it work and try it in your own kitchen, we are sure you’re going to just love these open storage ideas.

What is an open storage?

Open storage in your kitchen means more storage solutions that aren’t within cabinets. This includes open shelves, hooks, hanging or wall-mounted steel racks, and any other solution that doesn’t involve hiding your dishes and other items inside cabinets.

Reasons to try kitchen open storage.

Since cabinets only offer a fixed amount of space, open shelves are a perfect solution for increasing your kitchen storage space. Some open storage solutions may help your space look bright and open, especially in smaller kitchens with upper cabinets that are too big. You can consider displaying your dishware and remove those cabinets and your home is definitely going to become warmer and inviting. Open solutions are usually much easier to keep organized because once your dishware is on display, everything will have its own designated spot. One more great reason for installing open storage is that you are finally going to get a chance to show off your gorgeous dishware all the time.

How to incorporate open storage into your kitchen.

Maybe you are still not sure how you feel about open storage solutions, so here are some ideas about incorporating it into your kitchen design.

1.  At first, you can install only two or three smaller shelves to find out if an open storage is a right fit for your kitchen.

2.  If you don’t want to risk installing the shelves, or if you just want a new way to showcase your pots and pans, consider an overhead steel rack. They will be out of the way, but still within arm’s reach.

3.  If you’re not ready to go all out open, a combination of open storage and cabinets can be a good solution for you.

4.  Convert your old cabinets in open shelving. This doesn’t involve much work and it is a perfect solution if you are planning a kitchen remodel just to see how it fits into your kitchen.

5. If you want to take a smaller step, you can visually expand your kitchen by removing a door from a corner cabinet you don’t use that often. This way you can use rows of shelves to store your colorful mugs and bowls.

6.  A kitchen island can also offer some extra storage space. If you are planning to buy one, make sure to choose models with open shelves since they are great to gain some extra storage space. These low-level shelves are also ideal for keeping cookbooks or decorative objects. You can also consider installing a stainless steel rack with hooks underneath an island without low-level shelves to hang your pots and pans.

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