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What to Ask Your Kitchen Designer

You’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, and after doing some research, you’ve found the perfect kitchen designer. They’re experienced, they understand what you want, and they are excited to help you create your dream kitchen. So now what? Below, we address a few questions you may want to ask our kitchen designer to help the process go smoothly for both of you.

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5 Clever Kitchen Additions

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and ToolsKitchen design is more of an art than a science, with a million storage, aesthetic, and technical considerations to keep in mind at all times. A skilled kitchen designer can find a way to fit a wide range of requests into your kitchen design, but these clever additions may surprise even the most experienced designer. Read through this list of surprising kitchen design options to see if there’s any you want to discuss with your designer.

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Disastrous Kitchen Design Mistakes

Elegant and Luxurious Kitchen Theme IdeaDesigning a kitchen is no easy feat. There’s a lot to consider, from how the flooring will work with the cabinets to more technical matters, like whether the circuit your stove is on can also support the refrigerator (probably not). There’s a reason most people turn to a kitchen design professional when it comes time to give their kitchen a facelift. Below are some of the most common kitchen disasters that a trained designer can help you avoid.

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