The Best Bathroom Window Treatments

Many people find their bathroom to be a sanctuary in their home. It is their refuge of privacy from work, the kids, and the loud chaos of a typical evening. As people opt to spend more time in the most peaceful room of their home, they are considering the benefits of giving the room a little face-lift. Bathroom window treatments are an excellent place to start giving your room a gorgeous new look.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

When considering bathroom window treatments, privacy is an important factor that cannot be ignored. You do not want neighbors or passersby to catch a glimpse of you while you’re enjoy your peaceful room! You have two simple options to combat privacy concerns: Faux wood blinds look excellent and come in a multitude of colors so you can easily match them with your existing cabinets. If you do not like the wood look, fabric shades are an excellent alternative. In addition to providing privacy, they soften the lighting that streams in from the window.

Consider Your Space

As you browse different bathroom window treatments, remember that bathrooms in general are a humid space. If you happen to have a window that is in or close to the shower, the humidity will be even higher around the window. This humidity eliminates your ability to use certain materials, such as wood. Instead, try using faux wood blinds, cellular shades, or plantation shades.

Following the Trends

Shutters are very trendy this year for bathroom window treatments. You can go modest with a neutral color or bold with a more vibrant color. White zebra faux wood shutters are very chic this year. They look similar to horizontal blinds, but missing every other blind. This would not be a great choice if your bathroom window needs covering for privacy, but if the placement of your window does not obstruct privacy, this look is stunning!

Big bold patterns in shades and curtains are hot right now! Woven fabrics are also catching the eyes of many designers. Woven fabrics are attractive, as they come in large variety of textures and trims. They are also easy to coordinate with other trends in your bathroom. Just remember when working with curtains and shades to go with moisture-resistant fabrics that will hold up under the humidity.

Bathroom window treatments are a simple way to update your serene quiet retreat. If you’re interested in giving your bathroom a complete upgrade, contact Homes Heart today for your free consultation!

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