The Kitchen Backsplash…Trends and Tips

Having a tough time deciding on the design for your kitchen? One of the best places to start is the kitchen backsplash! It plays a crucial role in the way the room’s going to turn out, and it might help you get inspiration for the rest of it. To make it easier for you to determine what exactly you’d want, we’ve made a list of some of the hottest trends!

1. Going all the way to the ceiling.

Want your kitchen to look chic, but don’t know how to achieve it? There’s one incredibly simple thing you could do that involves your backsplash – choose elegant tiles, preferably with only a couple of shades of a single color, and stack them all the way to your ceiling. Your kitchen will appear a lot more spacious, as well as richly decorated!

2. Choosing mirrored tiles.

If yours is one of those tiny kitchens, you’ll need to do something to make it appear bigger. Hanging mirrors is one of the best known ways to go about doing that, but you can make your backsplash work for you as well. There are plenty of tiles with reflecting finishes, and apart from maximizing light, they also look very attractive!

3. Mixing it up with wood paneling.

Going retro can be risky, but not if you make sure you’re able to easily freshen up the design in question. This is exactly what wood paneling is all about. Bead board might be the ideal choice, since it’s both affordable and easy to work with. It’ll give your kitchen that irresistible retro look without dominating the room. And whenever you feel in need of some change, simply apply a fresh coat of water-resistant paint!

4. Combining fabric with glass.

You could go with a combination of fabric and glass. If done right, it’s just as practical as every other backsplash solution, all the while providing a greater creative freedom. Just think of all the gorgeous and daring patterns you could incorporate into your kitchen!

5. Going vintage with stacked bond. 

If you’re into art deco and design from the early 20th century, you might want to consider adding some of the elements into your kitchen. Choosing neutral colors and stacked bond is the way to go. Basically, what you’d be doing is stacking tiles on top of each other and fixing them in place with the help of mortar. To make it even better, combine your backsplash with some vintage kitchen items. The end result will surely please you!

6. Choosing marble for timeless beauty.

Marble is one of the most durable materials available, which makes it the ideal choice for those who wouldn’t want to start thinking about redoing their kitchen for a really long time. But it has a major aesthetic appeal as well. It brings a significant dose of class into any interior, and it’s a great countertop material, which could make matching elements a lot easier for you!

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