Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

While there will always be a variety of timeless classic bathroom design options to choose from, staying on trend requires a little more research. We’ve done the legwork for you here, with our list of 2017 bathroom trends; take a read through to see which ones will work in your bathroom!

Colored Tiles-While a stark, clinical white has reigned supreme in modern bathrooms for a few years now, 2017 has seen the rise of colored tiles. These are often added into an otherwise white or neutral bathroom to bring a pop of color, with the otherwise neutral color scheme allowing nearly any color to be used, from a bold black to a bright jewel tone.  If tiles aren’t on your radar, you may also consider adding some color or texture with a statement wall! These have been trending in other rooms for years and they’ve finally made their way into the bathroom. If you use a completely see-through glass for your shower, the statement wall can even be incorporated into your shower design.

Round Mirrors- are a great way to add some variety to your bathroom, especially if your vanity, sink, and tiles are more geometric shapes. The contrast draws the eye and makes a statement.

Bath Plants- have been trending on social media sites like Instagram, adding a lush, natural feel to your bathroom. These are often ferns and other vibrant houseplants that are added on stands and hanging around our next trend.

Freestanding Tubs- These pieces are vintage but have been slowly making their way back into fashion in recent years, and 2017 is when this bathroom design option has exploded. While those who wanted free-standing tubs in the past had to scour estate sales for old claw-foot tubs, companies have caught onto the trend and now a variety of freestanding options are available for you to choose from.

Freestanding Vanity-Similar to the item above, another trend you might consider making use of is a freestanding vanity. Having these freestanding pieces in the bathroom gives it more of a feel of a room filled with handpicked furniture than a utilitarian room with built-in appliances and necessary items. Wooden vintage or brightly colored are especially popular due to the rising desire for colors and textures in bathrooms.

Unusual Lighting- is another trend that’s been big around the house and is now making its way into the bathroom. Why should the cool lighting fixtures be confined to the dining room? Check out interesting metals and oddly shaped pendant lamps that fit your theme.

Color- When it comes to color, seafoam green is where it’s at. This marine color is light and soothing while still giving your bathroom some personality and moving away from the whites and neutrals that have been king for years.

Brass and Gold- fixtures allow you to bring another pop of color into your bathroom. These warm tones are quickly edging out silver as the most popular options, as people are moving away from a neutral, clinical appearance in their bathroomsd instead looking for a warmer, more lived-in look.

Tile Shapes-Last but not least, get a little quirky with unique tile shapes! These come in such a wide range that your options are virtually endless — geometric shapes like hexagons are a relatively safe option, while mermaid-like scales have been popular with those wanting to branch out a little. Unsurprisingly, those scales work great with the seafoam green mentioned above!

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