Top 4 Kitchen Layouts

Almost everyone has an idea of what they want when they think about their dream kitchen. You likely know what appliance features you want, what flooring and countertops, and possibly even what kind of cabinetry. But have you stopped to think about the big picture — the layout? Below are some of the common layouts that may work well with your home design.


If you have a small kitchen space to work with, the galley layout might work well for you, especially if that space is long and narrow. Galley kitchens feature two rows of cabinets and appliances running parallel to each other, with a walkway between. This layout eliminates the need for troublesome and often space-sucking corner cabinets and helps keep everything within easy reach, but if you do a lot of entertaining in the kitchen, it might start to feel a little cramped once you get more than two or three people in there.


The horseshoe kitchen design is best used in a mostly-enclosed space that has a wide swath of open space to work with. In this layout, the cabinets and appliances run along three walls, with one wall being open to the next room or having the door. This design is ideal for those who want plenty of counter and storage space, and often leaves room for a functional island in the center.

Island Wall

If you like the idea of your kitchen being a bit open to the rest of the home, which is always a great layout if you do a lot of entertaining, you might consider using an island wall. For this layout, instead of having a wall that closes the kitchen off from the dining room or living room, you use an island as the dividing feature between the rooms. This island offers more counter and storage space, and can also serve as a seating area. Because the island is only waist-high, you’re able to talk and entertain as you cook.


An L-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for medium-sized kitchens. This layout has appliances and counters along two walls that meet in a corner. This layout is preferred by many home cooks who like the idea of being able to turn easily from the stove to the sink, which is easily done when they are on opposite legs of the “L”. However, this layout can limit how much counter space you have to work with. To combat that, if you have the room for it, consider adding a functional kitchen island for storage and additional counter space.

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