Top 5 Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Light FixturesWith so much of the bathroom being necessary utilities — toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks are necessary, but difficult to personalize sometimes. That leaves the other major focal points in the room as the window and mirror. Not every bathroom has a window, of course, but the mirror is always available for dressing up. Below are five great options you may want to consider when decorating your bathroom mirror.

Natural Stone Border

One look that has been seen in home fashion recently is smooth, natural stones being used to form a border around the bathroom mirror. This can work on large or small mirrors of just about any shape, making it a versatile option open to just about any bathroom size. The natural stones bring in a bit of the outdoors without the upkeep that comes with plants or the sometimes overdone look of unfinished wood.

Another huge benefit of this idea is that stones can be found naturally in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match almost any color scheme. This idea also offers a great way to pay homage to your home state or an area you’re particularly fond of by selecting stone types native to that area.

Rounded in an Angular Room

Rounded or oval mirrors in a room filled with sharp angles helps add a bit of softness to the design and naturally draws the eye. An oval mirror can help elongate the room, adding the appearance of height to a small bathroom, while a round mirror is a great choice that can add a bit of an art deco flair.


Backlit mirrors are becoming more and more popular, as social media has a big impact in decorating. These lights are ideal for taking photos, and also provide a dramatic additional source of lighting. Backlighting is usually added to mirrors that are lacking in other adornments, with the light itself forming a frame around the clean lines of the mirror. Because you want the light to be a contrast against the wall, this type of bathroom mirror treatment works best against a dark wall color.


Beveled mirrors add dimension and depth to an otherwise flat surface. Because the bevels on each side of the mirror reflects different parts of the room, these mirrors are particularly good at making small bathrooms seem larger than they really are. However, a true bevel really only works on straight edges, so these are most commonly seen on rectangular or square mirrors, though other straight-edged shapes are possible.

Rustic Windowpane

Another huge trend in bathroom mirrors right now is repurposing a rustic windowpane to serve as a bathroom mirror frame. In some cases these are simple square or rectangular frames, but in many cases more complicated frames are chosen as well, such as a larger frame made of anywhere from 4 to 12 smaller panes of glass. While the rustic aesthetic has a great appeal, be sure to balance that with any frustration you feel trying to use those smaller panes of glass may cause when trying to see your whole reflection.

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