Top 7 Trendy Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathrooms are often small and by their very nature can very easily appear utilitarian.These colors can help avoid that pitfall and add some character to your bathrooms with a quick and easy coat of paint.

Paint Trends

1. Muted Colors of the past are coming back, and mint is at the forefront of this trend. This color gives a restroom a retro appeal, and pairs well with white accessories and silver fixtures. If you’re trying to play up the appeal of an antique claw-foot tub (or a convincing replica) consider this cheery shade.

2. Neutral Gray, especially in a warm shade, is a big hit in bathrooms. Light gray keeps the room from feeling too closed in, and works with a wide range of colors, its neutral status making it easy to change out accessories in the room whenever you need a quick refresh.

3. Nautical Colors Cerulean evokes thoughts of the sea, which is fitting in a room associated with water where, hopefully, lots of relaxing in the tub will happen. This bright shade of blue pairs well with soft yellows, with small green and white accents.

4. Dark with black or play it a little safer with charcoal. These colors can quickly turn a boring bathroom elegant, especially if paired with white or ivory. This color also offers the opportunity to bring in a pop of color like red or yellow that, if limited to towels or accessories, can be changed easily for a new look on a regular basis. Black paint also pairs well with bronze fixtures.

5. Taupe is a blend of gray and brown. It works very well with a wide range of brighter colors. If you’re wanting to change up your fixtures to gold or brass, taupe is a great foundation color.

6. Cool Blue. If you’re wanting to move away from the warmer range, try a cool blue. These light colors, often with gray undertones, can help give your bathroom a spa-like feel. This color works well with accents in white, black, and darker shades of blue.

7. Natural Green. Olive, grass, or pistachio shades are all making a comeback. These greens bring nature into your bathroom and make it feel like an oasis in your home. Fresh, vibrant green shades work well with white and make a great room to bring some live plants into.

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