Trending Designs for Kitchens in 2017

The kitchen is often said to be the most valuable room in your home, and for a good reason. It is a space in which we make food, enjoy it and share it with friends and family. That is why many people rate their kitchen as top priority when it comes to redesigning or refurbishing. So if you are planning on a redesign in your kitchen, here are some awesome trending designs for kitchens in 2017.

1.       Quartz worktops.

The number of people who have been choosing quartz over laminate worktops has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and it looks like it is going to reach its peak in 2017. This is happening because more and more people value the durability and quality of materials used in their kitchen as important. Quartz is always as a luxury in kitchens, and the prices have been on the decline.


2.       Industrial look.

When it comes to industrial design, it started in Scandinavia and rapidly spread throughout the world, and this trend is set to become massively popular in 2017. This look is characterized by details such as exposed brick, metal pipes and simple furniture in dark colors. It combines materials such as wood, metal, concrete and stone and turns them into amazing kitchen spaces that are beautiful and functional.


3.       Innovative storage solutions.

With a lot of space being unused and wasted, in recent years the trend of innovative storage solutions has been making a recent appearance. Now you can find neat solutions to hide your coffee maker, spices, bottles, etc. in neat and creative storage spaces that use the wasted space in your kitchen such as corners.


4.       Copper.

When it comes to kitchen design, the main colors popular today are gray and earthy tones, and most people decide on simple designs with neutral hues. To add details to these types of kitchens, designers in 2017 have started making copper colored handles and appliances, so that your kitchen can be creative and stand the test of time. So the trending designs for kitchens will steer away from stainless steel and black metal and veer towards copper pieces.


5.       Technology.

Technology is rapidly developing, and it would be a mistake to think it won’t engross the kitchen design area. The modern kitchen will have elements such as changing lights, Bluetooth speakers, pop-up sockets, smart appliances and more. This means that you will soon be able to get a nicely designed coffee maker that you can operate via an app on your phone.

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