We All Have One – Junk Drawer Organization

Most people have a junk drawer in their house that seems to collect all miscellaneous items we don’t know what to do with. These drawers are usually full of random items that don’t deserve a spot in your kitchen. No matter how many times you try to organize it, somehow it’s always full of junk. Having a junk drawer is handy, but to be honest, it’s a bit of hassle to wade through when trying to find that one thing you need. You can still keep your junk drawer, but maybe it’s the time to do a makeover and organize it so you can actually find the item you’re looking for.

What’s in your junk drawer? These drawers hold a wide variety of items. Most things found in junk drawers could be classified into a few categories.

  • True junk category includes items that don’t deserve a place in your drawer because it’s the time to get rid of them. If your junk drawer is full of old takeout menus, receipts, mail, fliers, coupons that expired ages ago, and a bunch of phone and tablet chargers, it’s the perfect time to declutter.

  • Junk drawers are also full or random things like manuals for small appliances, matches, gum, scissors, batteries, rubber bands, pens, flashlights, and tapes.

  • Many people choose to keep bits of memorabilia in their junk drawers. It’s hard to get rid of all those birthday cards or concert tickets, but if your junk drawer isn’t working for you anymore, it’s worth spending a bit of time to make a change.

Junk drawer organization… It’s time to get organized and take back that valuable kitchen space.

  • Empty out…

Before you start organizing, empty out the drawer. The first step is to get rid of items that belong to the junk category. You don’t need expired coupons and old grocery receipts so get rid of them.

  • Come up with categories…

Once you’ve thrown away the garbage, it’s easier to sort through what’s left. Put similar items in piles together, and divide them into categories. You’ll find some items that belong in other areas of the house so store such items where they actually belong. Anything that you need and will use deserves a home in your junk drawer.

  • Buy some drawer organizers…

Drawer organizers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to match your decor. If you have empty boxes or small ceramic bowls laying around in your kitchen, you can also use them as drawer organizers. You can use empty pill bottles to organize small items such as paperclips and thumbtacks.

  • Stick to the system…

Not everything needs to be in the drawer. Papers are better of in flat boxes or files and memorabilia deserves a better home than a junk drawer. Continuing to stay organized is the key to keeping your junk drawer clutter-free. Clean your junk drawer regularly and your kitchen is going to stay perfectly organized for a long time.

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