Youtube Home Design Bloggers to Reference

Want to freshen up your living space, but can’t seem to come up with a good idea? Home design is a popular topic these days, which means there are plenty of experienced and creative people giving tips on a daily basis. If you’d like to benefit from their knowledge, check out the following list of some of the most popular YouTube bloggers!

1. HGTV Handmade 

This YouTube home design blog has managed to win over the hearts of thousands of viewers in a matter of weeks. The show is run by five brilliant young women who’ve made it their job to update you on the latest trends and decorating tricks. Their channel is updated with a new video on a daily basis, which means that you’ll have plenty of interesting and useful material to go through!

2. Robeson Design

Rebecca Robeson is both the face and the creative mind behind this increasingly popular home design blog. Her channel is regularly updated with new videos, all of which offer fresh perspective on age-old topics of designing, furnishing and decorating your home. So if watching a professionally made video on how to pick the best backsplash for your kitchen sounds good, you’re going to love Robeson Design!

3. A Beautiful Mess

If you think you’d like a mix of fabulously classy Martha Stewart and somewhat quirky Zooey Deschanel, you should definitely check out A Beautiful Mess. It’s a home design blog started by two sisters, both of whom are very much into design and crafts. So if you think you’d benefit from finding out how to make your own pineapple lamp, don’t miss out on their videos!

4. sparklyblonde1

If you’re struggling with organizing your belongings this YouTuber’s home design blog is the right place for you. Sparklyblonde1 is a young woman with a knack for coming up with innovative storage ideas. However small and inconveniently arranged your place may be, you’ll manage to find useful tips for organizing it in one of her many tutorials. But that’s not all, since she specializes in solutions that are not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

5. AtHomeWithNikki

Young Nikki went to design school, but dropped out as soon as she realized it was limiting her creative energy. Her next step was to start her own YouTube blog, in which she’d provide her viewers with useful and innovative tips regarding home design. It became a great success, and now she’s doing her best to offer advice on decorating and organization, as well as tutorials.

6. Apartment Therapy

Want to hang your kids’ artwork so you can see it every time you walk into the kitchen? At the very same time, you’re a bit grossed out at the thought of taping it to your fridge? Apartment Therapy is a YouTube blog that offers both elegant and simple solutions to such problems. So if you want to turn your living space into a real oasis without having to put in a lot of effort, check out some of the tips that can be found there!

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